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Living in Solidarity with all people


In response to the tragic violence in Quebec City.  In response to the silencing of righteously dissenting voices raised in peaceful protest.  In response to the pain and suffering of those separated from their families and friends.  In response to those who have been turned away from the inns of the world and told that they are not welcome and that they do not belong.

In response to all of this, here are some of the ways we can respond.

SOLIDARITY VIGIL AT MTA: The vigil of solidarity and friendship for Muslim communities will take place on Sunday February 12th at 6:00 pm in the Mount Allison Chapel. Planned by the Chaplain’s Office, with the collaboration of a Chaplaincy advisory group and the support of Sackville clergy, this prayer vigil will be an opportunity to mourn the victims of the killing in a Quebec mosque ten days ago, to stand in solidarity with all who mourn, and to demonstrate our friendship and support to Muslims in Canada, especially in this area. Together we will mourn, stand against acts of racism and racial and religious violence, and pray for peace and understanding even as we affirm that love will overcome hatred. The student advisory group members encourage you to attend, and to dress in black as a sign of mourning and solidarity.

WORDS OF COMFORT AND A CALL FOR ACTION FROM OUR MODERATOR: “In love we reach out to you, our sisters and brothers, our fellow Canadians, to offer support and comfort. We open our hearts to you as we extend the hand of solidarity. We commit to redoubling our efforts to seek peace and justice for all peoples within and beyond Canada. We will work side by side with our neighbours of every faith and of no faith to heal the brokenness that fractures our communities and forge bonds of friendship and cooperation.”  Read the full letter here, and find out more about how you can take action here.

PASTORAL RESPONSE FROM OUR CONFERENCE PRESIDENT:  Rev. Catherine Stuart offers her response to recent events here.

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