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march 12 announcements

We hope that you are well. If you are in need - physically, spiritually, or otherwise - don't hesitate to reach out to us by phone (506-940-1151) or email ( We are here for you and for each other!

Sunday Worship: Our Regular Sunday Worship is held at 11am both in-person at Sackville United and online via our SUC Facebook Page. Mask-wearing and accommodation for those who wish to remain distanced will continue until otherwise stated. For those not on FB but wishing to watch online, a link to the video of the service will be posted on the church website in the days immediately following the service.

We welcome Susanne Sevcik as guest pianist this Sunday as Jennie and Megan are away in Ontario for the funeral of Jennie's grandfather, who passed away early last week.

Annual Reports Coming Soon and Annual Meeting March 19: The annual report is in its final stages of proofreading and editing. We anticipate that the written report will be ready for viewing online on Thursday, and Financial documents will be available early next week for review before the annual meeting. Anyone wishing a paper copy of one or both reports is invited to contact the church office. The annual meeting will be held immediately following worship both in-person and online on Sunday March 19.

2022 Tax Receipts: 2022 Tax Receipts were sent by email/post early last week. Please contact the church office if you have not yet received your receipt.

Church Office Hours: The office will be open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-4:30pm In case of any changes to regular office hours due to illness or other circumstances, a notice will be posted on the church FB page and, when possible, on the front doors as well. When public school has been cancelled due to weather, Jennie can be found either working from home (if driving conditions are poor) or with a special guest (Megan) joining her for office hours.

Reflections on the King's Singers, by Janet Hammock: Janet spoke poignantly to begin our first Sunday of Lent, but sadly these words were not heard online because of a technical glitch. Here are Janets words, along with a link to the recording she wished to share:

The King's Singers is an internationally recognized British acapella group of 6 men. They are widely beloved for their serene presentations of Bach, madrigals, spirituals, and inspiring pop music. They were on a US and Canada-wide tour. On February 11, just two hours before their concert at Pensacola Christian College, for which 5000 tickets had already been sold, the Grammy Award-winning singers were abruptly informed that their appearance had been cancelled.

Pensacola Christian College said it cancelled the King's Singers upon learning that one of the artists "openly maintained a lifestyle that contradicts scripture".

They had performed before at Pensacola Christian College without any issue. They returned "in the knowledge that while this is a fundamentalist Christian institution,: it is their belief that "music can build a common language that allows people with different views and perspectives to come together."

At Sackville United Church everyone is held in love, and all are welcome at the table. There is no room for exclusion.

Janet invites you to listen to the song posted above - one of the many beautiful works by the Kings Singers.

Ensemble Moncton "Save the Date": "ENSEMBLE invites you to join us for a presentation on “The Science and Ethics of Harm Reduction as it Relates to Substance Use.” Dr. Tim Christie, Horizon’s Regional Director of Ethics Services, will be the guest speaker. We’ve scheduled time for Questions & Answers both during and after presentation." The presentation is on March 15 from 1-3pm at St George's Anglican Church (51 Church St, Moncton). Contact our own Chantale Bourque at to reserve your place. If enough members of SUC are interested in going, there is a possibility of creating a carpool. Please contact the church office if you are interested.

International Women's Day Collection Drive: A big THANK YOU to everyone who donated items for this year's International Women's Day fundraiser!

March Mid-Week Mid-Afternoon Break Cancelled: Sadly there were not enough registered to go ahead with this event for this year - perhaps we'll try again next year!

Prayer Bench Group Subscription: We have purchased a group subscription to Rev. Janice MacLean's "Prayer Bench" for the year, including a number of individual email "retreats" and series. If you are interested in receiving these resources please contact the church office.

Seeker's Group Lenten Video Series: The Seekers Group will view videos weekly from a series called Old & New as produced by Church Anew. You can view the first episode by following the link above. Please contact Catherine Gaw for more information - the Seekers Group gathers via Zoom at 9AM each Sunday morning.

"ProFuture" Lenten Study: Rev. Lloyd writes: "For a Lenten Study this year I will be facilitating an exploration of ProFuture Faith with Michael Dowd. This group will gather on Tuesday evenings beginning February 28th at 7PM. Using Zoom we will watch the video together and then share in discussion. If you’d like a sample of the program visit this link." Contact Rev. Lloyd to join this small group study.

Cell Phones Needed for Ensemble Moncton: Are you upgrading to a newer model and have a spare phone sitting in a drawer somewhere? Ensemble Moncton provides cellphones to their clients to connect them to services and the community. The clients work closely with the Wellness Navigator at Ensemble to access services in health, justice and social sectors. Funding is very hard to access for cellphone provision because of the harmful assumptions placed on individuals dealing with addictions and substance use. Drop off phones at ENSEMBLE, 80 Weldon Street, Moncton, daily between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm. Phone (506)859-9616 and ask for Ashley if more information is required. Any cell phones (and chargers!) dropped off at the church office will be brought to Moncton by Jennie or Rev. Lloyd.

Thank you to those who have donated cell phones so far. Ensemble will ensure that all data/information is wiped from phones donated before they are distributed.

Scripture Readers STILL Needed for Winter Services: Would you be interested in reading on Sunday Morning? You may sign up on the list on the Circles of Service Board or by calling the Church office - now updated for the winter months! For convivence sake the season/theme of each Sunday is listed, if possible. On Thursday afternoon the Church Office will communicate with you and provide you with the specific text(s) you will be asked to read, including the possibility of a selection of modern wisdom in the form of a quote from a current text. The Worship and Sanctuary Committee thanks you for sharing in this ministry.

Lectio Divina Lenten Series with Rev. Catherine Smith: Join Rev. Catherine on Friday afternoons from 4-5pm beginning February 24th. She writes: In the practice of Lectio Divina we are guided gently into a text to encourage sight through the eyes of our heart. See here

for more information, including how to contact Rev. Catherine.

Monthly Services at the Drew: We are delighted to once again be able to offer in-person ministry at the Drew Nursing Home. Services will be at 3pm on the first Sunday of the month. Anyone is welcome to attend, so please consider if you are inspired to join us. Coming up next on April 2.

Parents and Tots: Parents and Tots meets Thursday Mornings from 9:30am to 11:00am at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. There is no charge, and volunteers are present to assist with childcare. Bring your young ones for a time of community, play and fellowship (and a chance to chat with other grownups!). Seniors Fellowship Lunches: This group meets the second Tuesday of each month at noon. Bring your own bag lunch and enjoy fellowship, conversation, and good food together! All seniors welcome - meeting next on Tuesday, March 14!

What's New with Broadview: The United Church magazine has a variety of topical articles on subjects that reflect many of the interests and initiatives of our congregation. Please contact the church office to renew your subscription if you have not already and/or to sign up through our discounted group subscription rate of only $25/year. New subscriptions can be added at anytime of year! This is what’s missing from land acknowledgments Greek mythology’s forgotten women are getting their own stories Pretendians betray the trust of the Indigenous community — and downplay our struggles

What's Coming Up

  • Worship at the Drew first Sunday of the month (next on Sunday April 2)

  • Preacher's "Help Group" Scripture Study (Tuesdays 10:30am)

  • Winter 2023 Choir Practices at 5pm on Tuesday evenings

  • AA meets 12-1pm Saturdays in the sanctuary

  • Lectio Divina with Rev. Catherine Smith, Fridays 4-5pm during Lent

  • Sunday Seekers Lenten video series (Sundays 9:15am)

  • "ProFuture" Lenten study with Rev. Lloyd (Tuesdays at 7pm)

Watch recordings of previous services:

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