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Monday Musings: May 7th 2018

It has been a day filled with its own challenges and beauty – still shimmering perhaps


Rasta in the Daffodils

from a lovely evening with friends in Halifax over a delightful meal.

After making breakfast and seeing the kids out the door I headed to the office where I did some reading and pondering over the coming Sunday’s readings before heading to Moncton where I visited at the hospital followed by a visit to Costco. Rasta slept both ways.

Arriving back at the office, I ate lunch and then we walked over to the Drew where we visited about a dozen folk, after which we took the long way home – around the waterfowl park. Rasta didn’t miss a tree.

IMG_0714 (1)

Rasta welcoming a new resident at the Drew

At three I arrived at Blair MacDonald’s garage and as his staff changed the oil in my car I responded to a few emails and made some notes on the day. Rasta slept some more.

With fresh oil in the car I stopped to see two more families and shared some deep and meaningful conversation. During the first visit Rasta had a nap and at the second he had some romp time before we called it a day and headed home to make supper.

It is such a privilege to engage in this work that brings so much variety and joy to my life:  to have the opportunity to enter into your lives, to walk along side of you and listen to your stories as you seek to make meaning of your experience and share your wisdom.  Thank you!


Highlights for the Week

Tomorrow I’ll be in the office for the better part of the day.  Please remember that the Spiritual Literacy group is on pause.   On Wednesday I’ll be in the office in the afternoon and on Wednesday evening I’ll be meeting with the Sunday School teachers to plan the Pentecost Sunday celebration and the conclusion of the Sunday School year.  On Thursday I have meetings in Moncton in the afternoon and in Salisbury in the evening.  I do hope to have some down time on Friday as I will be officiating at a wedding on Saturday afternoon… before starting it all over again on Sunday!  ’til then!

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