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Musings, A Different Week… November 25th 2019

It is a bit of a different beginning to the week: Rasta and I are in Halifax where I am sitting on the Atlantic Candidacy Board, interviewing individuals who have offered themselves for service as ministry personnel within the United Church of Canada. As part of a team of four people I will conduct three interviews over the next three days with three different people who are at different stages of their preparation for ministry. Please hold them and the interview teams in prayer.

As a result of my presence here there will not be a gathering of the Lectionary Study Group on Tuesday morning. Sorry for this. I will return late on Wednesday afternoon in time for a meeting with the Trustees of Sackville United Church that evenin g. Thursday and Friday will be spent getting ready for Sunday… the first Sunday in Advent.

Speaking of Sunday and Advent and Christmas… you are invited to help decorate the Christmas trees in each of the churches of the Pastoral Charge. The Worship and Sanctuary is inviting folk to bring a decoration from your family tree to put on your Church family tree. We are not asking for the ivory angel that dear aunt Matilda gave you upon her return as a missionary from Africa – nor do we want your Kmart cast offs… we hope that you’ll bring an ornament (or two) that is meaningful to you, and that when your see it among the others, you’ll feel connected and grounded.

There will be an opportunity as part of the service on Sunday to place your ornament(s) on the tree, and of course, if you can’t be with us this Sunday bring your ornament on any of the other Sundays of Advent and place it on the tree!

From Halifax,


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