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Musings, A Song of Faith… June 1, 2020

Thank you for all the positive comments in respect to the Pentecost service that I and my colleagues put together.  It was a joy to work with them and then to share it with you on Sunday – and the Sackville United Church Choir – wow!  Thank you!

Collaborating in fun and so very inspiring, even life-giving during this time of continued isolation and physical distancing… so, I’m inviting you to take part in a collaborative ‘Song of Faith’.

Visit here and read over the Song of Faith.  Written in 2006, this statement of faith attempts to reflect the spirit of The United Church of Canada and to respond to various defining elements in our social, political, and historical context, including the place of the church in society, the cultural and intellectual setting in which we find ourselves, the meaning of “truth,” the impact of the market economy on our daily lives, and the growing issue of the meaning of “security.”

If you would like to take part in a collaborative Song of Faith, send me an email by June 3rd and I will will send you a copy of a script with your section highlighted by June 10th.  You will then record your selection using your cell phone or iPad (in a location that is meaningful to you or reflects the theme of your reading) and return it to me by the deadline (June 17th).  I will then edit them all together and we will use the video in our Sunday Gathering on June 28th.  How much of the Song of Faith we use will depend on the number of people who participate and the creative genius of the editor.

Rumor has it that the Sackville United Church Choir will be doing another Virtual Anthem for June 28th too!  I can’t wait!!



Looking Ahead

Today I am in the office working on liturgies for June and a sermon for next Sunday. Tomorrow I will be in the building much of the day for meetings and one-on-one conversations over Zoom and in the evening I will take part in the meeting of the Sackville Pastoral Charge Council meeting where among other things we will receive an update from the Reopening Committee and share in discussion about the letter that Sackville United Church sent to the Pastoral Charge Council.  Please hold all who will gather in care and prayer.

Wednesday afternoon I’ll be taking part in a Webinar: Ministry Work and Mental Health and that evening I’ll meet with the SUC Executive for their regular business meeting.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, if all goes to plan, will be days off – it didn’t last week or the week before so I’m hoping to have the three days off this week – or at least two of them…

And on Sunday, I look forward to being together with Jennie and Edward and Carolyn and sharing with you, in A Sunday Gathering Online via Facebook Live!  I hope you’ll be able to join us!

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