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Musings, April 23rd 2019: Sodden Sentences…

April showers bring May flowers… if they’re not carried away in the flood waters! Even my sentences seem wet this morning!

It was a joy to see so many folk out on Easter Sunday as we raised our voices in song! I hope you found it as encouraging as I did to sit next to one another in full venues as we shared in prayer and communion. Some of you asked for copies of the liturgy, including the hymn that I adapted and the reflection. You can follow hyperlinks to the PDF files and have a look. Feedback is always welcome! Send me an email.

I must confess, I am breathing a little easier now that Holy Week and Easter are past. It is a busy time and by the Easter Sunday, after gatherings on Thursday and Friday and then two services on Easter Sunday I was kinda wiped… but not so wiped that I wasn’t able to travel to PEI on Monday with Jen and some of the kids to celebrate my Mom’s 84th (83rd according to her birth certificate) birthday. I am fortunate to still be able to speak with her and call upon her wisdom!

This time next week I will be in Fredericton attending the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care Conference. I’ll be leaving early on Monday morning and will return on Thursday evening – but will of course be able to respond to any pastoral emergencies. I am really looking forward to the following workshops:

Tuesday Morning: The Healing Effects of Nature Tuesday Afternoon: When the Story Lies To Deep for Words Wednesday Morning: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR): Finding Hope In the Face of Trauma and Attachment Issues Wednesday Afternoon: Fostering Wellness: A Data-Driven Exploration of Ministry-Specific Sources of Satisfaction and Stress

In addition to the workshops there will be plenary sessions, opportunities for networking and of course, some social time!

As a result of my absence at this event I will not be sending around Musings next Monday – enjoy the break!

’til Sunday,


Looking Ahead

Today was spent in meetings. A meeting at the Church to begin the morning followed by a meeting of the Board of Directors for Maritime Conference Financial Services. This is the only responsibility I have with the larger Church now – so I don’t begrudge the time they ask of me. The balance of this afternoon and evening will be spent beginning to get ready for Sunday.

Tomorrow I’ll be in the office in the morning after which I will join the Coffee Crowd at Open Sky for their closing pot-luck lunch before heading to Moncton to visit at the two hospitals – and be back in time for the Queer Room which will open at 3:30pm. In the evening I’ll be taking part in the monthly meeting of the Sackville Refugee Response Coalition.

On Thursday I’ll be working from home trying to come up with a stand up comedy routine (see below). If you have any ideas for funny sermon appropriate stories or jokes please do send them along!

Friday and Saturday will be days off and on Sunday I hope to see all of your smiling faces as we mark Holy Humour Sunday. See you at Upper Sackville at 9am and Sackville at 11am.

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