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Musings, Aug 20th 2018: Working to Current…

Well, I’m back and the first order of business is to clear out the email inbox!  And, as I’ve

been repeatedly pressing the delete button eliminating those notes that are irrelevant given their nature or the passage of time (read: junk mail and or Facebook notices) my mind wandered to ask the question: What did I do first upon returning from vacation before the advent of email?  Yes, I do remember such a time – I am that old!

Back then, in the early ‘90’s upon returning from vacation the first morning was spent going through the messages on the answering machine and slitting open the mail and sorting the various items into piles for action.  Interestingly enough… there was not one piece of  mail on my desk and not one message on the phone.  But, there were 489 emails that needed attending to.

223 were sorted into folders for future reference and action.  112 were deleted (junk mail, ads, Facebook notices etc.).  154 replies are now being working on…

But, before I get bogged down in those I am going to do something even more important – something that I did in Acme back in the ‘90’s too… I’m going for a walk around town and then I’ll make my way down to Mel’s to connect with the group that gathers there on Monday mornings – because after all – this is what ministry is really all about!

After a coffee and cinnamon roll (that I didn’t really need but was oh so good) and some conversation with the Sackville UC coffee group, I’m back at the desk working to current – beginning with the oldest emails, sorting those that need other information before a response can be offered and those that need action by another committee or group, responding to those that I can at this moment, all the while reminding myself that this work did not arrive in one day and I’m not expected to get it all caught up on one day… that working to current is a reasonable approach.

I hope your summer has been restful and rejuvenating and that as you begin to return to your autumn routines that you’ll be able to work to current and arrive at the place you are filled with gratitude for all that has been, and anticipation for what will be!



Looking Ahead

Each morning for the next four days you’ll find me in the office doing paperwork, planning and engaged in a couple of pastoral meetings.  In the afternoons I’ll be out and about engaged in meetings and hospital and pastoral visits.  If you are aware of a situation that may need some pastoral care please reach out to me.  I will be leading the 10AM Sunday Gathering and I look forward to re-connecting with many of you!  While I have enjoyed my break I have also missed the community we share!

Moncton Pride Parade: Saturday Aug 25th2018

Would you like to join others from Sackville United Church in walking in the Moncton Pride Parade? I’ll be taking our banners up and will have room in the car for a few folk.  Perhaps if others have room in their cars we could meet up at Sackville United Church and leave at 11AM. Upon arriving we’ll find a bite to eat and then meet up with others from Central United Church and Chignecto Presbytery at Heritage Court Parking Lot from whence we will depart for the parade.

Beer & Hymns: Sunday Aug 28th 2018

Join us at Ducky’s on Sunday at 7PM for our final Beer & Hymns of the summer.  If you have a favourite that you’d like us to sing call Jennie and let her know so we can have the music and lyrics there!  See you then!!

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