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Musings: Empire, Pageantry and in the End... Death, Love & Memories

It was mostly out of curiosity and a realization of the historical significance of the event that I found myself watching the funeral for Queen Elizabeth this morning. I was impressed with the military precision of the matching and of 200+ musicians playing in time in parade. I marvelled at the Crown Jewels and wonder what that other item was on the coffin - the egg like item toward the foot of the coffin. I soaked up the music sung by the choir as the coffin was borne into the Abbey and pondered again the scripture texts that I've heard countless times. There was a prayer followed by a moment of silence. And then they sang: The Day Thou Gavest, Lord is Ended.

I love the tune. I love the first line and somewhere on my hard-drive is a draft of new words to this tune that is more in keeping with my ever evolving theology - a theology that imagines and even works toward the passing away of Empires - of a kindom of Love rooted in the Way of Jesus.

I'll have to go back and watch the rest of the service at another time because as the words of the last verse faded away and the Right Honourable the Baroness Scotland of Asthal KC, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth began to read the First Lesson, I remembered yet again that in the end there is death love and memories and so I put down the tablet and got up to go and share some love and make some memories.

For the rest of the day, as soon as I send this note to be published, you can find me at the shore doing some end of season maintenance on the place where we share love and make memories. And yes, I am grateful for her majesty's service, I hold in prayer her family who shares the complexities of grief and sorrow like every other family - so in the end I'll do my best of love and make memories - because in the end, that is what matters and what we are left with: love and memories. Do both,

Much love,


Looking Ahead

Tomorrow after the Lectionary Study Group and a couple Pastoral Visits I head to Halifax where on Wednesday and Thursday I will be offering leadership at an event. On Wednesday evening Executive will meet by Zoom. I'll be back in in the office in Sackville on Friday morning finishing preparations for Sunday. I hope I have enough energy to take in the Drag Show at the Vogue Cinema on Friday evening!

On Saturday I am officiating at a Graveside Service in Taymouth, NB and in evening I will be present at the book launch the Church is hosting as part of PRIDE Week! I hope to see you there.

On Sunday we will gather for Orange Shirt Sunday as we continue the journey of reconciliation.

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