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Musings, Holy Week: Day Two April 7th 2020

On this second day of Holy Week I found myself in a laundromat washing sheets and

listening to the music of David Haas as he live-streamed a devotional concert from his home. And, for the first time in almost a month, it was as if somewhere between the rinse and spin cycle I allowed myself to be open to the loss and pain I’ve been immersed in these past few weeks: the loss of a child, and the broken sobs of the parents as they held each other; the cries of pain from a frail woman dying of cancer whose only comfort seemed to be the strength of my hand as I gently held hers; the weight of a woman, her soul crushed as she walked into my arms, wrestling with the gravity of her husband’s diagnoses; and of course, the staggering death toll the world over matched only be the increasing incompetence of the leader of what is supposed to be the mightiest nation in the world.  And I wept.

I wept not just for the loss and pain I have witnessed.  I wept also for the continuing anxiety and uncertainty.  And, I wept in celebration for the tender place this virus has brought to… this place where we put hearts in windows, wave to one another across parking lots, host live stream concerts and air our prayers on Facebook.  I wept for the freedom and new life we may have found in shared vulnerability.

At the sound of the buzzer, marking the end of the wash cycle, I picked myself up and did the only thing that any of us can do in this moment: I moved the sheets into the dryer, put in the correct amount of change, and pushed the appropriate buttons and sat down to wait some more.  And I’ll keep doing that: putting one foot in front of the other atrying to the next right thing…

And yes, I’ll likely weep again before this week is over – and I know I won’t be alone.



Looking Ahead

Yesterday saw me up at 4am working on Holy Week and Easter services (videos) before heading off to Moncton to do visits at the hospital there.  The afternoon included pastoral telephone calls, a Zoom meeting and a much needed nap before supper.

This morning, as above, I took some time to do some laundry and this afternoon I have two meetings scheduled and a few pastoral calls scheduled.

Tomorrow I have meeting with colleagues in the morning and I’ll likely be at the hospital in the afternoon for a couple of hours before putting final touches on services for Holy Week and Easter in the evening.

Thursday will see me sampling some of the Maundy Thursday services of my colleagues. A note will be sent around on Thursday morning at 8am with a link to our Maundy Thursday video service.

Friday will again see me sampling some of the Good Friday services of my colleagues followed by a much needed long walk!   A note will be sent around on Friday morning at 8am with a link to our Good Friday video service (filmed at Upper Sackville).

Saturday will be a day off – I hope.

On Sunday morning a Sunrise video service will be posted at 5am and at 10am Jennie, Carolyn, Edward and I will lead in our 2020 Easter Sunday Gathering Online via Facebook Live.  Hope to see you there!

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