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Musings in Joy…

Yesterday, was the Sunday of Joy in so many ways but one! Let me get the one out of the way: jaw pain after a tooth extraction (which I found out this morning was as a result of an infection). As our gathering began on Sunday morning I described myself as feeling ‘like the Grinch with a toothache’ but like the Grinch, as the day unfolded my heart grew!

My heart grew with joy as I watched folks gather after the service and share in a pot-luck lunch – and it grew even more when one individual spoke about how that meal was almost as good as their Christmas dinner – because there were more people around the table!

My heart continued to grow – in gratitude as a group of us made our way between homes

and nursing home rooms to sing Christmas carols and songs. Seeing folks connect with one another and enjoy the music was such a gift – and, the gratitude that was expressed when we were able to present them with a string art Christmas ornament made by Miranda! Such joy for so many reasons – so much so that for a time I was able to forget my aching jaw!

Thank you. Thank you to all who shared in our gathering of Joy yesterday. Thank you to those who shared food and provided such a feast and experience of community. Thank you to Frank and Diane, Margaret, Glenda, Hannah, Mora and Brenda for the music of the season that you shared with the seniors and shut-ins who are part of our community!

Faithfully, Lloyd

Looking Ahead

My day began at Dr. Premiers office and thankfully I was able to get some relief and

return to the office were I finalized the liturgy for this coming Sunday. The afternoon I am working from home preparing the funeral tomorrow.

Tuesday morning will see me walking with the family of Mary Sears as we celebrate and give thanks for her life at the Jones Family Funeral Home at 11am. The afternoon will include at least two pastoral visits.

I’ll be in the office on Wednesday morning after which I’ll be in Moncton for a meeting followed by some time at the mall to finish up Christmas shopping. I will be off on Thursday morning to a medical appointment and in the afternoon and evening I’ll hope to begin writing a reflection for Christmas eve.

Friday and Saturday will be my regular days off and I do hope to get over to the market on Saturday morning. Rasta needs some bones for the Christmas holidays!

On Sunday we will gather at 9am and 11am at Upper Sackville and Sackville United Churches respectively for the fourth and final Sunday of Advent where we will explore the Advent of love among us by way of a participatory skit and lots of Christmas carols! At 3pm the Choir and Friends of Sackville United will offer a Christmas Cantata in support of the Canadian Foodgrains Banks

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