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Musings, January 8th 2019: Gather Me Into Light and Love

Three days into the week and I think I’ve already worked the requisite forty hours… some weeks are like that! The liturgy for Sunday is all but complete – it just needs Jennie’s musical touches! The reflection for Sunday just needs a few final tweaks. And, as of Tuesday afternoon I’ve completed seven pastoral visits as I’ve been welcomed into people homes and the bedsides of others in hospital rooms…

Maybe I’ll join the kids tonight and put my pyjamas on backwards and a spoon under my pillow and hope for a snow day? But, if I do that I risk missing a meeting of my ‘clergy cluster’ tomorrow and a chance to continue the conversation with the Queer Room participants and supporters!

In the end, I can’t control the weather so what will be will be… and whatever is, I hope you stay safe and we are able to be together on Sunday as we continue the Epiphany journey as we explore light, water and the mystery of love together including a new hymn from Pat Mayberry: Gather Me (shared with permission) and an image (as above) from Robert Kautuk of Clyde River NU (shared with permission) who Paula and Bernie met and have come to appreciate and share his photography. with us

Faithfully, Lloyd

Looking Ahead Monday and Tuesday had me engaged in multiple visits in homes and at the hospital. Thank you, as always, to those who welcome me into their homes and offer the opportunity for deepening relationships. It is an honour and a privilege!

On Wednesday I am scheduled to be in Moncton for a gathering of the Moncton area ‘clergy cluster’. The weather may interfere with this – we’ll wait and see. In the afternoon (3:30pm) a gathering of the participants and supporters of the Queer Room will meet to make plans for the next quarter.

On Thursday I will be in the office in the morning finishing up the liturgy and sermon for Sunday and in the afternoon I’ll be at the Drew and at the Special Care Home visiting with the residents there.

Friday and Saturday are days off and if all goes according to plan my mom and dad will be over on Saturday and hope to be present at one or both of the gatherings on Sunday: 9am at Upper Sackville and/or 11am at Sackville. Hope to see you there too!

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