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Musings, June 24th 2019: Shifting into Summer

As the title suggests I am shifting into summer mode – trying to let a few things go so as to leave some space for sabbath: rest, renewal and restoration. One of the things I will set aside for July and August is my weekly Monday Musings. As a result this will be my last scheduled offering until September 9th. Having said that, if I feel peculiarly moved to offer something in the midst of the summer I may do so – I am simply setting aside the obligation.

My shift into summer began on Thursday evening when I ventured down to the shore to spend a first night in the trailer – so that I could get an early jump on framing the deck. It was a lovely evening: warm, calm, still air – nary a breeze, only the sound of mosquitos disturbing the silence!

Friday morning began bright and early and by 3pm the deck was framed and I was beat – and the rain had begun! After a hot shower I decided to go for a drive – just to see what I could see and was touched to receive an invitation to supper by some new neighbours. Thanks Marlene and David – the stew was awesome and Rasta is still wondering why he doesn’t get hot dogs at home!

That night, as the wind gained velocity so did the degree of sway in the trailer. I woke at 2:30am and there was no getting back to sleep. I tried. Believe me, I tried. But each time I would just about doze off the trailer would lurch to one side or the other. Almost seasick I got up at 6am and went for a walk. After securing the tarp over the lumber we headed to the beach! Rasta raced the wind as he skirted the waves pushed up on the beach… and as I looked up the shore I could only have sympathy on the folks in the tent trailer up the beach toward the wharf – the canvas was flapping wildly!

David and Grace ringing the bell at Upper Sackville United Church

About 10am my father-in-law George arrived and we set to squaring and levelling the deck frame – all 33 by 12 feet of it… Jen and the kids arrived at 10 and we set to putting the decking on… it was a family affair and despite the wind and occasional rain drop fun was had by all.

Unfortunately the batteries in the cordless drills could not keep up with us! Despite having two drills and two batteries for each – they were not charging fast enough! And so, by 2pm with a little over half of the decking complete we opted to pack it up and head for home – just as the wind was calming and the sun was coming out.

On Sunday after a lovely social gathering at Upper Sackville United Church and a special service at Sackville United Church where three individuals were welcomed as members and a pastoral visit I was back to the shore to finish the job of laying the decking down. Upon completing the deck I sat for a time and enjoyed the view giving thanks for all the blessings that fill my life: a vocation that both fills and empties me, family that keeps me grounded and engaged and friends to both laugh and cry with.

‘Second Communion’ at Upper Sackville United Church

To close, these first few days of summer served to bring me into the joy of summer sabbath: doing only what needs to be done, doing something different, and taking time to simply be.  Yes, my knees are aching, my hands are sore and I’ve a few bruises and cuts and scrapes here and there but my heart is filled with anticipation for walks on the beach, reading on the deck and laughter around the campfire… 

It is my hope that you too will experience the joy of summer sabbath: let go of a few things and treasure that which feeds your soul.



PS: Please have a look at these two items: a short piece written by Janet Hammock titled The Cactus and the Jade and the most recent Affirm United Newsletter– there is a connection between the two!

The Week Ahead

Monday will include hospital visits and some time in the office. On Tuesday morning I’ll be helping out a Jennifer’s school flipping burgers for their Field Day activities. In the afternoon I’ll beginning pulling together some ideas for Sunday.

On Wednesday I’ll be on pins and needles with the rest of the SRRC and Welcoming Committee as we await Rose’s arrival – and then that evening join with those to groups for a pot-luck meal that hopefully Rose, after travelling for almost two full days, will be up for joining in! In the words of Janet Hammock, a member of the Welcoming Team from Sackville United Church:

And all of us, with love in our hearts, await her coming. I sometimes imagine her as Jesus, and think that the way I wish to love her, and care for her, and allow her to be, are the way I would feel if someone told me “Get ready! Jesus is coming on Wednesday!” Crazy, eh? Not so crazy….  Let’s pray hard and long. And get ready to love in a way we have not loved before. 

Thursday afternoon will be spent with Rose doing paperwork and that evening I’ll be taking part in the Canada Day Weekend Kick-Off hosted by the SRRC and Rotary at the Bill Johnstone Memorial Park. You can find details here.

Friday and Saturday will be days off.

On Sunday June 30thDON’T FORGET, we begin our Summer Sunday Gatherings at 10am. Catherine Premier will be sharing in leadership at this gathering, sharing with us her experience and reflections on attending the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues with other Settler and Indigenous youth from the Maritime region – AND OF COURSE– we will welcome Rose!

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