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Musings, June 4th 2018: The Great Growing Time…

Godly Play storytellers in the northern hemisphere call the Season after Pentecost the


The fabric art on the east wall was created by Janet Moses, daughter of Wallie and Norma Sears.  Thank you Janet!!  The stole was created by Jeff Wunrow Designs and gifted to Sackville United Church by Lloyd as a symbol of the Affirming Ministry that is ours together.

‘Great Growing Time’. It really is a wonderful image for this time of the year. The shades of green are beyond naming, new plants are sprouting up daily, lilacs pop their dark purple plumes against equally dark green leaves and we are reminded that ‘life is stronger than death’ as we sang yesterday!

This morning in my Facebook feed I was reminded that it was a year ago today that we marked the beginning of our covenant in ministry together at Upper Sackville United Church. Next year on this day Facebook will remind me that Sackville United Church adopted a resolution to become an Affirming Ministry of the United Church of Canada. It is indeed a ‘great growing time’ with much to give thanks for!

Next Sunday, Jun 10th, at both gatherings we will mark the coming into being of the United Church of Canada 93 years ago. Using prayers from the first services, words from the New Creed and Song of Faith and symbols from the Crest we will celebrate the many ways the United Church has been at work locally and around the world. The liturgy will be kid friendly and we hope to have full houses!

Following the 11am gathering at Sackville United Church there will be BBQ and pot-luck salad and desert luncheon. Please bring a salad or desert to share. Hotdogs and hamburgers will be provided. All are welcome! Hope to see you there!

‘til Sunday, if not before:


The Week Ahead…

Today I am in the office for the morning attending to some paper work and a meeting after which I am going for a bicycle ride out on the TransCanada trail. This afternoon and into the evening I hope to get things together for the Sunday gatherings. On Tuesday I’ll be doing pastoral visits all day and on Wednesday after an early morning meeting I am off to Saint John to do some mediation work for the larger Church. That’ll take me into Thursday morning after which I’ll get to Salisbury for a Presbytery Pastoral Relations Committee meeting., getting back in time for two scheduled visits late in the afternoon. On Friday and Saturday I hope to be enjoying some sunshine with family – maybe planting some trees and getting ready for the congregational BBQ on Sunday afternoon!

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