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Musings, March 11th 2019: Beginning the Lenten Journey

As with the beginning of any journey, sometimes the first step is often the most difficult. For some of us this was especially true as we tried to crawl out of bed an hour earlier as a result of Daylight Savings Time. I didn’t see much ‘springing forward’ but I was privileged to share in three deeply moving community gatherings.

At Upper Sackville as we reflected on the story of Jesus being tempted we broke bread and shared the cup as we stood in a circle, reminding one another that we are not alone, that we are a part of this larger community called the Church and its strength is our strength.

At Sackville United Church a diverse intergenerational community dipped into paints and crafted images of those things of God that give us life, as ‘we do not live by bread alone’. As our painting dried, before we shared communion, we welcomed Ruth Buckinger, a long-time participant in the congregation, as she transferred her membership from Rivers of Grace Pastoral Charge.

And then this morning, seven early risers gathered at 9am for Interfaith: Being Love in the World. We shared stories of our experiences of other faith traditions and left with two questions to ponder: What draws you away from Love? What draws you toward Love? Our time together closed with a blessing, which I leave with you for the coming week:

We go now. We take a blessing with us. May the One who is Love, who is Lover-among-us, who is the Loving within us, among us, and between us, make us curious, make us compassionate, and make us a good neighbour. Amen.

‘til Sunday – but hopefully before! Lloyd

Looking Ahead

Today I was in the office followed by visits at the Sackville Memorial Hospital and a meeting. This evening I hope to take part in the Sacred Chanting at St. Paul’s Anglican Church at 6:45PM.

Tomorrow afternoon and evening will be devoted to pastoral care visits and a meeting and on Wednesday morning I’ll be off to Moncton for a meeting with United Church Ministry Personnel colleagues. Wednesday afternoon will see me attending to a couple of meetings and getting supper ready for our Wednesday Lenten Study: Call to Community at 6PM. A simple meal and reflection on the purpose of the Church.

Thursday will be devoted to PIE: collecting pies, setting up serve pie, eating pie and talking about PIE: a welcome that is Public, Intentional and Explicit. Come and have some pie between 6pm and 7:30pm. $5 per slice and proceeds will be shared between the Sackville Refugee Response Coalition and the Queer Room. There will also be an auction of some special pies!

On Friday morning I’ll be in Moncton and then back in Sackville to support the Global#Climate Strike. Sackville United Church through its Campus/Community Social Justice Project is supporting this effort with funds from the Embracing the Spirit Grant. Do come out and show your support for this global initiative!

Saturday will be a day off and on Sunday we will mark the second Sunday of Lent on St. Patrick’s Day! Why don’t we all try to wear green! It might be the only green we see for a while as spring is still a ways off! And, while there won’t be any green beer at church I might be convinced to go for one afterwards!

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