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Musings, May 28th 2018: Pentecost Moments!

“This is not a march.  It’s not a protest.  It’s not even a parade!  It’s a Pentecost moment.  The Spirit is a blowing!”

Bishop James Curry, May 24th 2018 As he addressed 2000+ people preparing to walk to the White House, #ReclaimingJesus

The week in Washington was filled with Pentecost moments as I listen to preachers, mostly African American preachers bring their faith to the political area – reminding us again and again that the Jesus’ movement is a political movement – one that works actively to bring heaven to earth.

The culmination of the event was the historic silent walk of 2000+ people to the White

House from National City Church… standing in solidary with those who have experienced the marginalization and oppression of empire – seeking to reclaim the moral discourse from an evangelical/fundamentalist agenda that emphasises personal piety over communal salvation: none of us are saved/liberated until all of us are saved/liberated.

I was honoured as I walked in silence that to be wearing Eldon Hay’s rainbow cape – as a sign of solidary with the LGBTQ2+ community.  Prior to the service as we talked with others who were gathering and after the walk I had opportunity to speak with over a hundred people, to share some of Eldon’s story and of the story of the Sackville United Church and to hear the stories of LGBTQ2+ folk and other advocates for equality and justice.  It was a deeply moving experience!  I was excited to share with them that Sackville United Church on Sunday will consider a resolution to declare itself an Affirming Ministry of the United Church of Canada and of how the community has stretched and grown over the years!


In closing, I look forward to our gatherings on Sunday.  As much as I enjoyed the Festival of Homiletics and the other experiences of the past week, I’ve missed you and look

forward to being in community with you! Lloyd

Looking Ahead

Today I am playing catch up behind the desk and later today I will attend the funeral of the late Helen Barclay.  Tomorrow I am in Moncton for meetings followed by an Uackville United Church Executive Committee meeting in evening.

On Wednesday I will be in the office in the morning and visiting two of the outlining nursing homes in the afternoon.  Thursday will see me in the office finishing up (I hope) things for Sunday.

Friday will be a day off and I hope to get a jump start in my participation in the Great Canadian Cycle Challenge (click on the link if you’d like to support me).  On Saturday I am hosting a group ride at Centennial Park in Moncton from 10AM to 12PM.

Sunday of course will see us gather at Upper Sackville at 9am and Sackville at 11am.  Pat Belliveau will be with us at Sackville United speaking briefly of her involvement with an orphanage in South Africa.  Following the service there will be a congregational meeting to consider the resolution from the Affirming Committee.

Looking Further Ahead

June 16th at 2pm, Sackville United Church take part in the Cumberland Pride Parade.  Want to help out?  Want to walk in the parade (or ride on a float) if we make one?  Speak to Lloyd or Bruce.  And… maybe we’ll do it all again on August 25th and take part in the Moncton Pride Parade?

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