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Musings, May the 4th of Gratitude be Ours…

What a beautiful morning it has been – no, not the weather – but the people!  So far since 8:30 this morning about 9 people have been through the office – so many that one person I was having a conversation with was confused to hear another voice coming from Jennie’s office and she asked, ‘Is he speaking to us?’ to which I replied, ‘No, there are other people here…’ and we both began laughing.

Thank you yesterday for the many kind words in respect to the service and the

announcement that it was the third anniversary of my beginning to share ministry with you.  Thank you for the encouragement and support.  Thank you for your patience when things did not go exactly as planned.  Thank you for being you – a spirited filled, gracious people of God who seek the best for all.  And thank you for the lovely plant that was delivered to my office this morning.  Your kindness and generosity is a beautiful thing.

This coming Sunday, May 10th will be our ninth Sunday of gathering in this way.  I miss you as I am sure you miss each other – but, as I said yesterday, I am so very grateful for the technology that allows us to gather and communicate with text, audio and video.

The Executive of the Pastoral Charge and the Ministry and Personnel Committee have expressed concern about the my well-being in the midst of all the extra work and I want to share with you, the schedule that I have shared with them – a schedule that Carolyn and Jennie and I have come up with that will see us through to the end of June, and allows for the sharing of responsibilities.  The person crafting liturgy will preside over the service and the person responsible for the sermon will preach and offer announcements as necessary.  Every fourth Sunday will have one or the other be responsible for both the liturgy and the sermon.  Of course, should the province lift restrictions on community gatherings we will amend our plan below – I pray for the day!

Again, thank you for your continued patience and encouragement.  May the end of June bring us back into community!



Looking Ahead

I’ve been in the office all morning and will be out doing a couple of pastoral calls this afternoon.  Tuesday I will spend the day working from home where I’ll begin crafting the liturgy for Sunday and be on the phone checking in with folks.

Wednesday will see me in the office in the morning attending a couple of Zoom meetings including a Regional Town Hall.  In the afternoon I’ll be out doing pastoral visits.  Please hold in care those who are dying and those who are walking that road with them.

Thursday will be another work from home day – reading and phone calls.  Friday and Saturday will be days off and on Sunday you’ll find me at the same Facebook page at the same time…  until then, be well!

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