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Musings, November 19th 2018: On the Verge of Advent

Good Monday Morning!

Yesterday was a milestone for me!  I did some ‘seasonal’  decorating before the first of

December!  Now don’t get too excited – all I did was walk to the woods behind our house and cut some spruce boughs to put in the planters and make a swag wreath for the mailbox – but it was significant for me!   Maybe I’ll get the exterior lights up later this week?!!?

I confess, I’m usually a Grinch when it comes to decorating – horrified to see Christmas lights up before Remembrance Day and depressed by the canned Christmas music in the mall! I want to pull the brake lever and remind people to savour Advent… I don’t know what has gotten into me!?!?  I even have the outlines for the three Advent services done and I’ve started working on the reflections for each of those Sundays and the Christmas Eve services!

Perhaps subconsciously I’m hoping that with this all planning and early preparation I’ll be better able to be present to those around me – better able to appreciate the mystery of dark starry nights and early dawn light, filled with hope and promise.

But… before we get to Advent (here is a list of all the things we have planned) there is one last Sunday in the current liturgical year: Reign of Christ Sunday.  It is my intention to use the last verse of the gospel text (John 18:33-37) as suggested by the Revised Common Lectionary and explore what it means to ‘testify to the truth’.  As part of our Sunday Gatherings at both locations we will break bread and share the cup of community.  In addition, the gathering at Sackville United will include an opportunity for those who wish, to become members of the congregation.



Looking Ahead

Today I will be meeting with a family in the morning to plan a memorial service followed a webinar introducing the new United Church ‘church hub’ and visits at the hospital.

Tuesday morning will be spent doing some much needed reading and writing followed by visits to the Drew Nursing Home and two meetings in the evening.

On Wednesday I’ll be in the office in the afternoon after which I’ll offer supervision at the Queer Room and prepare for our final Ridiculous Journey gathering.  Supper will be served at 6PM and the conversation will begin at about 7PM.  Our conversation may go a little longer as we are compressing two sessions into one.

I am scheduling pastoral visits for Thursday afternoon.  I’d love to come and share a cup of coffee with you and some conversation.  Give me a call and lets set something up! Thursday evening is my monthly Spiritual Journey group.

Friday will see me in Moncton for a meeting and doing final preparations for a Memorial Service and on Saturday, after the workshop for Greeters and Welcomers (10AM at the Church) and the Memorial Service at 2PM I hope to put my feet up for a bit…

And, on Sunday we’ll start all over again with gatherings at Upper Sackville at 9AM and Sackville at 11AM.  Communion will be shared at both!  Hope to see you there – if not before!!

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