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Musings of the Minister, Feb 21 2018

Musings…Late again… sorry!  I took Monday as the holiday that it was and spent Tuesday trying to catch up from it.  Thankfully, the Presbytery meeting scheduled for today in Moncton has been postponed due to road conditions.  What a gift – a unexpected[ ‘clear day’ on the calendar.  I’ll likely use some of the time to catch up (like this email), to begin writing a grant application to the New Ministries Fund of the United Church Foundation and to finish reading At the Scent of Water: The Ground of Hope in the Book of Job. Thank you for your thoughtful comments following the sermon on Sunday.  I not sure what it was that possessed me  to preach on the Book of Job over Lent… but I think it had something to do with Catherine Gaw throwing down the gauntlet by leading a study on it during the same period.  Hopefully there is not too much dissonance between the study session and the Sunday reflection…!  Sunday’s offering can be found here.  Feel free to offer feedback on the reflection and the whole of the Sunday Gathering here. On Sunday we were blessed to have Edward Knuckles respond to my invitation to share in ‘A Minute for Ministry’ and reflect on Black History Month and his journey of faith.  You can read Edward’s thoughtful and powerful reflection here. On Tuesday morning the the Executive of the Sackville United Church passed a motion to make an application to the United Church Foundation New Ministries Fund for a grant to support a Social Justice Animation Project.  In a nutshell, the idea is to hire a Mount A student to build bridges between the social justice groups on campus and the congregation and to support a series of projects over the course of the year.  Over the past two weeks I have deeply enjoyed making connections with some of the student groups and members of the Student Council Executive as the idea is fleshed out.  Watch for updates in respect to our grant application! Thus Sunday Upper Sackville will welcome Harold Miller and his friends back to provide musical leadership and Isaiah Yankech will offer musical leadership in town as Jennie continues to enjoy her vacation.  Also, at Sackville United Church this Sunday, we will welcome Doreen Richard, former indigenous affair co-ordinator at Mount Allison to our fourth Wonder Cafe.  The sure to be engaging conversation will be followed by a pot luck luncheon!  Hope to see you there! Lloyd

Highlights…Monday was a day off that included some rest time and time with family around the table!  Always time well spent!  On Tuesday there was the Executive Meeting followed by the Spiritual Literacy Group and three pastoral visits and a meeting (unfortunately I double booked myself and missed a Presbytery Executive meeting).  Today I am working from home.  Tomorrow I will host the first Soup and Praying the News at Noon.  Do come and join us for a cup of soup and some prayerful conversation from 12 to 1PM.  At 2PM I will take part in a community wide meeting with Janet Plume-Pelly as we learn together some of the intricacies of the New Brunswick social services system.  On Saturday morning I will gather with the UCW Presbyterial and preside at a communion service with them before heading to the market where hopefully I’ll get there early enough to get Rasta some bones from Dixon’s!!

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