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Musings, On A Holy Mess of a Parade and Hopes for a Better Week: March 29th 2021

What a mess of a day yesterday was! Not the 9AM gathering at Upper Sackville United Church – it was so lovely to be in that space and hear people sing there again! No, not the 11AM gathering at Sackville United Church – it was a joy to be gathered there as well, to hear the chatter of people as they gathered and to see the palms artfully arranged, reminding us of the significant of the day!

And no, it wasn’t the Annual Meeting of the Sackville United Church – as a result of great leadership by some amazing people, it went off without a hitch! Furthermore, I was deeply touched by some very kind words spoken of leadership Jennie and I offer. Thank you for your confidence in us.

No, it wasn’t any of that… it was the quality of the live-stream over Facebook Live. I started to review it that afternoon and I could not watch it. It was awful. And it was all my fault. I forgot to flip one little toggle switch. I forgot to turn the wifi off on one of the computers… at risk to boring you, let me try to explain what I think happened.

There is one network in the Church that has two ways to connect to it: ethernet (cable) and a wifi (wireless). We use two computers to do the live-stream. One computer (in the sanctuary) to capture the video and sound and the other (in the office) to broadcast the captured signal to Facebook via internet.

What happened on Sunday was I forgot to turn off the wifi on the computer receiving the video and sound from the computer in the sanctuary and as a result, that computer used the wifi signal to connect, which is much slower and less reliable, resulting in the choppy intermittent sound.

Or maybe what happened is that it switched back and forth between the cable and wifi connection? I’m not certain, but I think at the root is the need to be on a dedicated network (not wifi)! I’ll do some testing this week before Thursday so that our Holy Thursday Gathering, Good Friday Service and Easter Sunday Celebration are all of a better quality.

And note, if it turns out to be the wifi that is the issue there is a very easy fix that does not rely on me remembering to flip a little toggle switch on a computer – it would be to simply delete the wifi network from my list of remembered networks and rely solely on being tethered via the ethernet cable… an anomaly in the wireless world?!?

We could all do with being tethered securely… tethered to the love of God who gathers us and sends us into the world to share that same love with others!

Oh, and if you’re looking for the service from Sunday on our Facebook page, well, I’ve already clicked that toggle switch and deleted it.

If you’d like to read the sermon from Sunday I have posted it here for your reading pleasure. But make sure you have a cup of tea or coffee – because as I warned at the outset – it’s a little long winded!


Looking Ahead

This morning I am working from home, responding to emails, text messages and other communication… and writing this missive to you all. Later today I’ll be in the office for a couple of visits with folk before heading to be with a family at the Dumont Hospital. This evening I will gather with the Sackville Pastoral Council for their scheduled meeting. It’s a full day to begin a full week!

Tomorrow, if all goes according to plan. will be a work from home day. The Preacher’s Help Group will meet via Zoom at 10:30AM after which I hope to finalize the liturgies for Thursday and Friday and get a start on the Easter Sunday Celebration. At 7PM I’ll gather with others for the last of our Lenten Small Group Study.

On Wednesday I’ll be in the office and hope as well to get to the Drew and the Sackville Memorial Hospital where in addition to some other folk, I hope to see Norma Sears and take a few moments to celebrate her 90th birthday! At 5PM we’ll gather around a virtual table for our regular Wednesday Community Meal.

Thursday will likely have me at work early making last minute adjustments to the Thursday and Friday plans and writing a sermon for Sunday (at least I hope I am that far along)! At 7PM I look forward to gathering with others at Sackville United Church and on Facebook Live to remember the events surrounding Jesus last Passover Meal – the Last Supper… and then there is Friday – which we call good…

We’ll meet at 10AM at Sackville United Church and on Facebook Live to remember the horror and pain that Empire inflicts on those who dare to question it… and be remind of the power of Love.

On Saturday I look forward to officiating at a wedding celebration as Lewis Henderson and Barbara Tower join their lives together in marriage! Watch for pictures and if you see the happy couple be sure to congratulate them!!

We will gather on Sunday to celebrate the mystery of resurrection! Join us! 9AM at Upper Sackville United Church and 11AM at Sackville United Church and on Facebook Live!

Monday and Tuesday, April 5th and 6th will be days off for me and there will be no Musings forthcoming… Happy Easter!

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