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Musings, On a Spring Snow Amidst Ongoing War and Horror: April 4 2022

This morning as snow fell, sometimes urgently, and accumulated, for what I hope is the last time on the walkways and deck, I had ample time to reflect on the horrors of the war in Ukraine and the looming Friday we have come to call good.

Like many of you, I am horrified by the stories and images coming out of the suburbs of Kiev - horrified but unable to look away... in fact, I am drawn to bear witness to atrocities and I find myself reading and watching various news reports hoping that in the midst of the horror I might also catch a glimpse of some hope, some good news...

As good news escapes me I find myself pondering the week that is called Holy and the Friday that is called Good. And I cannot help but imagine that there were those in that time who found themselves drawn into the drama and violence, captivated by the spectacle of a public trial and execution. And then I am am reminded of the day that is almost lost in the low of Good Friday and the high of Easter Sunday - Thursday, the washing of feet, the setting of a table and the sharing of a simple meal.

This morning one of the most powerful reports I watched was of a group of survivors in Bucha who were sharing a meal in the square of bombed out apartment complex. No gas. No electricity. Death had visited them but still they gathered at a makeshift table and shared a meal - sign of hope and life.

Friends, this Sunday, Palm Sunday we will begin a liturgical journey where we will will have opportunity to recall a testimony of love in the face of empire, a gesture of service in the face of greed, the power of a simple meal in the face of hate, and be invited to live as a people of the Way, a people of the table of grace - a table where there is room for everyone and enough for all.

In ministry together,


Looking Ahead

Today I am working from home working on services for Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Watch for more information about all of these opportunities to gather in the announcements. Tuesday will be filled with meetings in the morning and pastoral visits in the afternoon.

I'll be out of the the office on Wednesday morning as I finally got an appointment with an ophthalmologist in Moncton. In the afternoon I plan to visit with residents at the Drew and in the evening I will join the Executive for the April Grounding Meeting.

Thursday, as has become my custom, will be spent working from home putting any final touches on the liturgy for Sunday and writing the reflection that I hope is formed in my heart and mind between now and then.

Friday and Saturday will be days off and on Sunday I look forward to gathering in community with you as we mark Palm Sunday and covenant with the Executive.

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