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Musings on a Thursday Evening...

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

It is almost the end of what has been a short but full and busy week! Thank you for your patience as I have tried to attend to all the things that need attending while at the same time trying to organize and plan for fall events and activities. I am not a young as I once was and find myself sometimes wondering why I can’t get all the things done in a day that I set out to do…

The highlight of the week has been for me the first in-person meeting of the Executive in almost two and a half years. It was such a gift to be together in the same room and share hopes and dreams and engage in big conversation!

Next week will see a return to a more normal routine (a full week and a few less demands) including my Monday Musings and an indication of what I will be doing over the week ahead. Of course, bright on the horizon are the PRIDE Week activities: the Flag raising on Friday, the Parade on Saturday and our Affirming Ministry Celebration on Sunday! Plan now to take part in all of the exciting events! And of course, on the 22nd there’ll be the author’s presentation on their work, Len and Cub: A Queer History.

Happy Thursday! Friday will be devoted to writing a reflection for Sunday! Here is my working title: Love. It’s that simple… isn’t it!? Isn’t it!!??!?



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