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Musings… On Dreaming and New Opportunities for Service

On Sunday, together with many other United Church ministry personnel, I was present on the campus of UPEI where I took part in the celebration of ministry service where one five individuals were ordained and one was commissioned to diaconal ministry, It was a cold June day – and for an instant I was taken back in time… to the moment I walked out of the old UPEI rink having just received my BA in the spring of 1988… and to the moment I was ordained, on May 26th, 1991, having completed a Masters degree, knowing that I was heading to Acme, Alberta to begin full-time ministry in July…

I found myself pondering for the rest of the day, because of the promptings of the theme song, scriptures and reflection of the Celebration of Ministry Service, what were my dreams back in 1991? Where did I imagine this vocation would lead? What did I dream that I might do or accomplish? Did I have any? Is my memory that bad that I cannot remember them?

And then I realized that my dreams (if I had any) were interwoven with the dreams of the individuals and community that I was serving at a given time… and the dreams were never big-change-the-world-dreams, but rather, make a difference in this moment in this place dreams.

This week we received word that Sackville United Church was the recipient of two grants from the United Church of Canada Foundation – grants that were made possible because of the collective dream of this community, a dream of inclusivity and connection, of care and community. Thank you to Christy Watts, Stephen Poirer and Cassie Cole for their dreaming in relation to QS4A (Queer Space for Adults) and to Beyonce Gibbons, Brooke Williams, Terrisa Salmon and all the folks at Nursing Homes without Wall for your dreaming in relation to the Tantramar Community Connect project. I look forward to seeing how we bring these dreams to reality!

This coming Sunday the United Church of Canada will mark its 99th Anniversary and kick off a year of celebrations leading to its 100th Anniversary on June 10th 2025. At our Sunday Gathering on June 9th at 11AM, we will acknowledge the 99th Anniversary of the United Church of Canada and at 5PM you are invited to gather again at the Church where we will together participate in the livestream of the service that is being broadcast from Metropolitan United Church in Toronto, kicking of the yearlong celebration! There will be a platter of sandwiches from Fenner’s Place and Coffee and Tea for sharing.

Happy Dreaming!


Looking To The Week Ahead…

I am in the office this morning until noon. This afternoon I am in Moncton for meetings and back to Sackville for visits at the hospital. This evening, if my veins cooperate I’ll make my 223rd blood donation.

On Tuesday I will again be in the office in the morning. At 10:30AM I will host the Lectionary Study Group and in the afternoon I will be doing pastoral visits.

I have three pastoral visits scheduled for Wednesday afternoon and on Wednesday evening I will meet with the governing body of Central United Church in my role as Pastoral Charge Supervisor.

Thursday morning will be devoted to crafting a liturgy and reflection for Sunday. Over lunch I will be meeting with folk from Mt. A Student Union to discuss PRIDE events for the fall and after that I have two pastoral visits scheduled. At 8PM I hope to take part in the Queer Interfaith Service via Zoom.

Friday and Saturday, if all goes according to plan, will be days off and on Sunday we will gather in community at 11AM and 5PM. In between the two services on Sunday I will gather with the family of Gloria Estabrooks to conduct her graveside funeral service.

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