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Musings, On Empty Containers and Generosity: March 29th, 2022

On Sunday morning as I was getting things set up for our gathering I found myself standing in the kitchenette looking at the scene in the image to the right: a tall pile of empty containers and a pie plate.

At first glance I was led to think of all who had brought these containers filled with goodness and had been unable to return to pick them up for various reasons - a pandemic being front and centre among them. I started to feel sad (not an uncommon experience over the past two years when in the Church building alone).

And then, I shifted my focus - to the fact that the containers had once held the offerings of the community: cookies for the Christmas Cookie Walk and others for newcomers to town - and one solitary pie plate belonging to Kathy Estabrooks, which once held a butterscotch pie that had been donated to PIE Day Pie Auction in 2021.

So many share so generously - we are blessed!

I think I'll plan the next few visits around returning containers and saying thank you!



PS: Not all of the containers are labelled. If you recognize one of the containers as belonging to your household, let me know and I'll bring it by!

Looking Ahead

Yesterday as I was preparing to leave the house I started to experience a runny nose and a splitting headache. Of course I tested myself and the test was negative. I decided to stay hope for the day and embrace a couple of opportunities read and nap.

This morning I tested myself again and the results were again negative. I am in the office this morning, meeting with the Lectionary Study Group/Preacher's Help Group at 10:30AM and after lunch I have a couple of visits booked. I am scheduled to give blood this evening - it will be my 16th donation. You too can give the gift of life! There is a significant need for donors at this time.

Wednesday morning I will again be in the office and at 10:00AM, with others, will welcome the folk from Open Sky and others who drop in for coffee and a snack! All are welcome. I expect to spend the balance of the day at the Drew visiting with residents.

Thursday, as has become my habit will be a work from home day as I finalize the liturgy and craft a reflection for Sunday. This Sunday the lectionary brings us to the story of Mary anointing Jesus feet with her hair and some costly perfume - a scandalous extravagance! Thursday is International Trans Day of Visibility, a day dedicated to celebrating trans people and raising awareness of discrimination faced by transgender people worldwide.

Friday and Saturday will be partial days off. I expect that part of Friday will be devoted to sermon writing and on Saturday I am meeting with a family to plan a spring burial for a loved one.

Sunday will find us at the 5th Sunday of our Lenten Journey and we'll gather at 11AM in-person and on Facebook Live. We do hope you'll join us!

On Sunday April 10th, Palm Sunday, during the service we will share in a litany of covenant with the Executive. On Thursday April 14th we will gather for a community meal at 5PM followed by a liturgy of service that includes the washing of feet.

Our Good Friday gathering will begin at 10:45AM in front of the Church (corner of Bridge and Main) before the wooden cross and then move inside for 11AM at which time we will begin the live-stream.

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