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Musings on Gratitude and a Return to Fall Routines

This will be the first full week of a return to fall routines in our home - but it is different this year - the nest is empty! Two of our six children are off making their way in the work-a-day world and four are in University, The house is strangely quiet. But it is a good quiet - a quiet rooted in gratitude for the life we share and the meaningful work that keeps us engaged - albeit sometimes too much so, for too long, either too early in the morning or too late at night working on one project or another.

One of my projects over the next 30 days is #30daysofgratitude - intentionally expressing gratitude to fall that makes the community we are a part of such an amazing place to live.

You are invited to take part! Consider the list below and submit a photo that captures what you are grateful for. A collage and prayer will be created for each of the 30 Days of Gratitude and onThanksgiving Sunday the prayers and images will be shared as part of our liturgy.

Send your image to

30 Days of Gratitude

Date Day Focus

09/09 01 Public Houses (Pubs)

09/10 02 Sacred Gathering Places

09/11 03 Places of Learning

09/12 04 Public Institutions and Public Servants

09/13 05 Parks and other Outdoor Public Places

09/14 06 Libraries

09/15 07 Farmers Market

09/16 08 Automotive Repair Shops

09/17 09 Day Care Centres

09/18 10 Restaurants & Cafes

09/19 11 Sport Facilities

09/20 12 Motels

09/21 13 Gas Stations

09/22 14 Home Builders, Realtors and Landlords

09/23 15 Barbers, Hair Dressers and Aestheticians

09/24 16 Pharmacies

09/25 17 Hardware Store

09/26 18 Service Groups: Lions, Rotary, Legion etc.

07/27 19 Grocery Stores

09/28 20 Art Galleries

09/29 21 Verternarians

09/30 22 Historical Buildings and Cemeteries

10/01 23 Medical Clinics and Hospital

10/02 24 Roads and Highways

10/03 25 Businesses and Employers

10/04 26 Seniors Homes

10/05 27 Book Stores

10/06 28 Convience Stores

10/07 29 Place We Call Home

10/08 30 Thanksgiving Sunday

Looking Ahead

My time in the office this morning will include two meetings. As I am out this evening for two pastoral visits I will be home this afternoon (I am working to create better balance in my schedule).

Tuesday morning I will again be in the office and at 10:30AM and I am excited to be gathering again with the Lectionary Study Group. In the afternoon, along with Gary MacDonald, on your behalf, we will present your donations toward school supplies to the Dorchester, Port Elgin and Sackville elementary schools.

Wednesday is wide open at the moment and I will be making some calls later today to schedule pastoral visits for Wednesday. If you'd like to see me, please call and we can set something up. On Wednesday Evening I will be attending the meeting of the Drew Nursing Home Board.

On Thursday I will work from home to craft the liturgy and reflection for Sunday and in the afternoon I plan to gather with many of you and the larger community at 4PM in front of the Mount Allison Chapel for the raising of the PRIDE flag to kick off PRIDE Week 2023! At 7PM you are invited to join with others for a time of silent prayer (20 minutes) in the sanctuary as we hold others in love and care.

Friday will be my one day off this week as on Saturday I will be offering leadership at a graveside funeral service in Taymouth, NB - unfortunately this means I will not be present for the PRIDE Parade but I am confident that many of you will carry the banner of Sackville United Church with love, care and excitement!

And on Sunday as part of the Sackville / Mount Allison PRIDE Week festivities, at 11AM we will gather to mark the anniversary of Sackville United Church being recognized as an Affirming Ministry of the United Church of Canada! Wear your PRIDE colours! Be loud! Be proud!

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