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Musings… On Life and Laughter, Love and Loss…

Yesterday was a full, rich and challenging day – the gathering at Truemans Blueberry Farm was a grand success – so much so that we were short on hotdogs and hamburgers. Sorry folks. Next time will plan for 30% more people to show up than had signed up – ‘tis a good problem to have!


If any of you took pictures during the event that you’d be willing to share please send them along. Between cooking burgers and scooping ice cream I didn’t get to take many – only a few and it' would be lovely to have some other photos to put in the Church photo album!


A special thanks to those who joined in the fun from Central and Visions United Churches. In hindsight perhaps we could have had a more structured time of meeting and conversation – but I do think connections were made – so much so there is already the suggestion that we do it again in the fall!  To that I say… let me recover from this one first!


From the joy of community to the sorrow of loss.  Some of us were aware yesterday that David Fullerton was not doing well, and I knew of at least two couples who were leaving Truemans and going to visit David and Diane at the Drew. David died on Sunday afternoon, and I know Diane received great comfort from the presence of those who were with her that afternoon. When I visited later in the day, already the stories were being told of the many times David stole the spotlight at one gathering or another, bringing joy and laughter to those around him.


Perhaps, as his son Merrill suggested, it is fitting that he died on Father’s Day, again stealing the show, reminding us what is most important in life, love and laughter!


I know you will join me in holding Diane and her children, their partners and grandchildren in love and care as they make plans to celebrate David’s life, likely sometime after the first of July – and in the meantime, sing your favourite song – out loud – and do something kind for a friend or neighbour as you remember and give thanks for David’s life among us!





Looking to the Week Ahead

This morning, I was in Moncton for a medical appointment followed by meetings with two colleagues. This afternoon I am working from home and this evening I have two Zoom meetings related to the Collaborative Ministry Pilot Project.


On Tuesday morning I will gather with the Lectionary Study Group at 10:30AM and then at noon I will gather with the Seniors Sharing Lunch group as they share lunch at Patterson’s Family Restaurant before shifting into Summer Pause mode. Following lunch I have two pastoral visits scheduled and in the evening I am at Dorchester Petitionary offering support to the LGBTQ group that meets there.


Wednesday morning will be devoted to visits at the Sackville Memorial Hospital. Wednesday afternoon, following a meeting to plan the Wonder Café for the last Sunday of June, I will be at the Drew Nursing Home, with Rasta, visiting with residents. At 6:30PM I will meet with the SUC Executive for their regular Business Meeting – the last one until September (barring any emergencies)!


Thursday will be devoted to finalizing the liturgy and reflection for Sunday and the funeral service for Saturday (Gordon and Evelyn Stewart). Thursday evening I will meet with the governing body of Visions United Church, the Christian Leadership Team, for their last governance meeting until September.


I have one meeting booked for Friday and will likely need to devote some time to finalizing the liturgy and reflection for Sunday and the funeral service for Saturday. I hope to be able to drag myself away from the desk to take in some of the National Indigenous Day celebrations!


The funeral service Gordon and Evelyn Stewart will take place on Saturday, at the Church, beginning at 11AM and in the afternoon, following the graveside service, there is a graduation celebration for Alastair Brett that I hope to drop in on!


And then, on Sunday, I look forward to gathering with you at 11AM… and we celebrate the length of the day, even as we acknowledge that they are now getting shorter once again – and commit once again, to laughter and love as we live!

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