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Musings... On Memories and Joy!

On Monday morning I was to Moncton to the Hospital early in the morning and on my way back home I stopped at Costco to pick up a few groceries and a couple of items for the Christmas celebration that is just around the corner. One of those items was a three pack of sparking juice. I’d neglected to get it for our Thanksgiving celerebration and there were a couple of disappointed kids.


As I purposely strode toward the back left corner for bread and vegetables, I found myself stopping short at a display of very large teddy bears (six feet tall) and being flooded with the memory of the first time I took Mia, Grace, and Kate to Costco. It was such a fun day. We’d been to the mall first, and if I remember correctly, after Costco we’d gone to Swiss Chalet for lunch.  Anyways, while in Costco, the girls were laughing at the size of the Teddy Bear and Kate said she’d find a place for it if we could get it home. We took a picture of the three of them holding this giant Teddy Bear up and sent it to their mom saying, ‘Look what we bought…’. No. We did not buy it! LOL


Yes, looking at that snapshot from October of 2015 takes me briefly back to the challenges of that chapter of my life, but more so, I am filled with gratitude for all that has unfolded in the eight years since and the hundreds of thousands of moments of laughter and love shared with Jennifer and our six children and their partners.


As we prepare to gather on Sunday for the third Sunday of Advent, the Sunday of Joy, perhaps there are some photos that you might look at that will bring forth memories of laughter, love and joy?





Looking Ahead


On Monday I was off to the hospital early to support a member of the community after which I visited another member at the Moncton City Hospital before returning home via Costco. As it was the first snow day of the 2023/24 school year, Jenn and I worked from home.  I managed to get some planning and writing done and responded to a number of email messages - and took some time to rest.


Today (Tuesday) I am in the office this morning. At 10:30AM I will host the Lectionary Study Group as we look at the texts for the coming Sunday. At 11:30AM and 1:00PM I have meetings scheduled and at 2:30PM I am off to Dorchester where I will offer pastoral visits to two inmates at the Minimum Institution followed by offering support to the LGBT Group at the Medium Institution at 6PM.


Wednesday morning will see me again in the office as we welcome Open Sky and others for coffee at 10AM. After lunch I expect to spend the balance of the afternoon at the Drew Nursing Home and Sackville Hospital.


Thursday will be spent working from home on the reflection for Sunday – interrupted only by a pastoral visit over lunch.


On Friday afternoon you’ll likely find me hanging out at the Church looking from crumbs as the volunteers are preparing for the Christmas Bake Sale that will run from 4:30PM – 7:00PM as part of Moonlight Maddness!  And then, from 7PM to 9PM I’ll be at Ducky’s with Jennie as we offer Carols and Cocktails in support of Christmas Cheer!  Do drop by and have a pint or a Christmas Cocktail and share in the singing of some Christmas Songs!


Saturday will be a relaxing day – possibly putting up the Christmas Tree so that Yuka, an International Student who is with us from Japan, can participate!


And on Sunday we will gather to mark the Third Sunday of Advent! I do hope you’ll gather with us and share in the joy that is Love in community!

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