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Musings, On Merits of Technology VS A Flock of birds in your head...

I am just back from a quick trip across the marsh from home to the Church to pick up my Oticon Bluetooth streamer that enables me to connect my hearing aid directly to my MacBook. It was an uneventful trip but the snow is accumulating quickly. Follow the guidance offered by the RCMP and if you can stay off the roads – please do!

So, with this snow, it looks like all the meetings scheduled for today that can moved online will be… technology is a wonderful thing when it works! Today I am so very thankful for Zoom, Oticon and Bluetooth!

I am also excited for the ways that technology will allow us to gather over the next few weeks and into Lent through to Easter.

The Seekers Group will view videos weekly from a series called Old & New as produced by Church Anew. You can view the first episode by following the link above and if you are interested in joining the Seekers Group in viewing and discussing future episodes drop a note to Catherine Gaw and she’ll see that you get the weekly emails with the login information. The Seekers Group gathers via Zoom at 9AM each Sunday morning.

For a Lenten Study this year I will be facilitating an exploration of ProFuture Faith with Michael Dowd. This group will gather on Tuesday evenings beginning February 28th at 7PM. Using Zoom we will watch the video together and then share in discussion. If you’d like a sample of the program visit this link. Ideally we’ll have at least a dozen participants. If you’d like to take part please email me so that I can add you to the list.

Technology. Let’s hope it works in these two instances so we can gather and learn and grow together! So far, it’s working for me today. While I am continuing to experience a reduction in my hearing with the added challenge of intermittent bouts of tinnitus, between being able to turn my hearing aid up to mask the ‘noises in my head’ and use the white noise feature on my iPhone I am managing ok. Hopefully as I finish this course of prednisone the flock of birds that have taken chirping in my head will depart!

Three other pieces of news: First, the Harm Reduction machine has been repaired and is open and ready again to be of service as a result of our partnership with Ensemble Moncton. Two, as a result of this partnership, Sackville United Church was mentioned in an article in the Toronto Star! How cool is that! And three, unfortunately, the (re)launch of the Harm Reduction machine, scheduled for today has been postponed because of the weather. Watch for the new date in the days to come!

With gratitude,


Looking Ahead

Today I am working from home. This morning, in the middle of penning these words, I had a meeting with the Project Officer overseeing our Seniors Sharing the Table program to provide an update on that good work! At 1PM I will meet with the Trustee via Zoom and I’ll use the rest of the day to prepare for the next three days of training that begin tomorrow afternoon.

On Tuesday morning I’ll be in the office where at 10:30AM I’ll gather with the Lectionary Study Group to look at the texts for this coming Sunday: Micah 6:1-8, Psalm 15, 1 Corinthians 1:18-31 and Matthew 5:1-12. There is always space for other voices in this group and we’d love to have you join us. Drop me a note if you’d like to receive the Zoom invite. No preparation required!

At 1PM I’ll head up to the Regional Office where I’ll join Sara Poirer in participating in the Fresh Start training being offered by the United Church of Canada. The goal, as I understand it, is for those who have taken the training to share the wisdom and skills gained from this training with their own and other congregations of the region.

On Wednesday evening the Sackville United Church Executive will meet for its regular business meeting with a very full agenda.

Sara and I will finish the training on Thursday evening which means that for me, Friday will be devoted to preparing for our Sunday gathering.

Looking Even Further Ahead

Earlier this fall I was appointed to the Senate of the Atlantic School of Theology by the Regional Council. The Senate next meets on February 1st. My plan at this point is to head toward Halifax late in the afternoon of January 31st and spend the night with my son and his family before attending the Senate meeting on Wednesday morning. This meeting is scheduled to conclude by 1PM and I expect to be home later that afternoon should the travelling be favourable.

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