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Musings, On Outbreaks and Another Broken Appliance: May 3, 2022

Well my streak of posting on-time on Monday has been broken. Yesterday was a full day - filled with outbreaks and another broken appliance and I did not have it within me to write in the evening.

The day began in a multiplicity of beautiful ways: the sun was shining, I took Rasta for a walk around the marsh, the geese were being protective and the birds were singing - and upon returning to the office I even got some work done... and then I was called to the hospital in Moncton - only to learn that there were outbreaks on six units including the one I was called to visit on and others that I would have visited because I was there - but could not because of the outbreak.

This, together with news that others in our community have recently tested positive weighs heavy on me both personally and professionally - I worry about my own safety and the potential risk I put others at when I am out and about doing visits and offering what care and support I can. I am so very much looking forward to two months of not having to carry this weight. Thank you again to all who will be filling the pulpit in my absence.

And then, last night, with a full load (pun intended), the dishwasher refused to turn on - not so much as a glimmer of blue light at the highly touted, soft touch, top mounted controls. I'm beginning to think the the appliance gods have it in for us. Of the six new appliances we bought when we moved into our home in February of 2015, two have now been replaced (or will be when the new dishwasher arrives at the end of May). I guess I'd better get some Palmolive...

I was thinking of crafting a sign for over the sink "You dirty it you wash it!" but that would run counter to my understanding and practice of grace... and there will be times that I will count on others to wash that which I have left in the sink while rushing off to the next meeting or visit... may we all know and experience such grace!



Looking Ahead

As above, yesterday was a full day that end with a dish washer then sink filled with dirty dishes. This morning, thankfully, as a result of my efforts the night before, I woke to a clean kitchen and a fresh start to the day. After two meetings in the morning I am now at the Church where I'll have two other meetings and finish writing these Musings.

Wednesday morning I will be in the office and will join other at 10:30am for our regular Seniors Sharing the Table Coffee Hour with Open Sky. Come and join us for a cup of coffee or tea and a baked treat made by the participants at Open Sky. After a lunch visit I'll spend the afternoon at home before meeting with the Executive for their Grounding Meeting.

Thursday will be, as has become my practice, a work from home day where I will focus on finalizing the liturgy for Sunday and crafting a sermon.

Friday and Saturday will be days off and on Sunday I look forward to gathering in community at 11am on the day that is commonly celebrated as Mother's Day or Christian Family Sunday - a day that the lectionary names as Good Shepherd Sunday. On this Sunday we will receive the banner that was commissioned by the Sackville United Church Choir, and created by Janet Moses in memory of Karen Sears. We look forward to welcoming members of Karen's family and celebrating the legacy of love she has left us with - even as we continue to grieve her death.

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