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Musings... On Pentecost Blessings!

A Blessing for the Seekers

by Sarah Speed

Blessed are you who turn your face up to the sky,

who open your arms to feel the wind,

who notice all the things that we should notice.

Blessed are you who are fluent in wonder

and familiar with awe.

Blessed are you who, even now, dream dreams,

who have not lost hope,

who swear the glass is still half-full.

Blessed are you who plant trees

and sing the harmony,

who tell the children how this world can be magic.

Blessed are you who

walk and seek

and turn over every stone,

pointing out all the corners and colors

that God lives in.

Blessed are you.

As spring unfolds around us I find myself captured by beauty at every turn - tulips and daffodil along the roadside, a gentle warming breeze, new life in the marsh springing from nests.

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday, yes, it is a long-weekend too - but it is Pentecost Sunday in my calendar - Some describe Pentecost as the Church’s birthday. Others describe it as a

“big bang” that brought the Church into being, for just as God’s Spirit came rushing into

the world over the waters of creation, in the very beginning of Acts, God’s Spirit rushes

into the world to gather and transform God’s people.

So where does that leave us? If we are willing to be amazed, Pentecost is one of the most

awe-inspiring days in our Christian calendar. If we are willing to be transformed, it is an

opportunity to be renewed in energy and faithfulness toward the work of God’s kindom

on earth when all people will experience true liberation and boundless love.

Plan to join in community on Sunday - willing to be amazed, willing to be transformed.



Looking to the Week Ahead

Today I had three pastoral visits scheduled and two meetings and then had to go to the shore to finalize a few things there! Yes, I got the valve fixed and it is all ready to go for the season.


On Tuesday I have will be working remotely as I drive Peg to the Aberdeen Hospital where she will have her wrist and arm surgically repaired. The Lectionary Study Group will gather at 10:30AM and I will use the rest of my time waiting to work on the liturgy and reflection for Sunday.


Wednesday morning I will be editing clips for the Stewardship Project and after Rasta’s grooming I will be at the Drew for pastoral visits. At 6:30PM I will gather with the Executive for their regular Business Meeting.

I will be off on Thursday for a family event.

Friday morning I will be finishing the liturgy and reflection for Sunday and in the afternoon I am meeting with the family of the late Gloria Estabrooks to plan a celebration of her life with her family.

I hope Saturday is a rest day and on Sunday I look forward to gathering in the wind of the Spirit that is this vibrant community of Sackville United Church! See you then!

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