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Musings, On Red Dawn, Red Level and Seeing Red: January 25th 2021

Another red dawn and the red level reality continues in Region 1 as Regions 2 and 3 return to orange level…. And yes, some of us are seeing red – frustrated and/or anxious over that which we have no control. And so, I suggest to you, what I had to remind myself these past few days, ‘Lloyd, focus on that which you can control…’

No, I cannot engage in my regular routine of pastoral visits, but I can make use of the computer and the phone to reach out to others and maintain connections that way.

No, I cannot gather with friends at Ducky’s to share a pint and an hour or so of conversation, but I can choose to be present to those in my household and share time with them.

No, I cannot gather with in-person with either of the congregations, but I can choose to try and make our Sunday Gathering on Facebook Live as accessible and meaningful as possibe.

Focus on that which you can control… it’s working somewhat…. No, it’s not magic, but it helps.

As you can surmise from the comments above, my work week is looking different these days. I am trying to work from home as much as possible and limit contact with others – hard to do when the core of one’s vocational identity is rooted in being with people, coming alongside and offering support and care…. It’s a hard pill to swallow to know that the best care to be given at this time is to follow the guidelines offered by Public Health: wash your hands, keep your distance, stay home… and be kind. Always be kind – even when seeing red!



Looking Ahead

I worked from home this morning, meeting with the Trustees of Sackville United Church as they engaged in their annual portfolio review.  Shortly after lunch I was called to the hospital for an emergency and am just back at my desk now (4:30PM).  It’s been a full day.

On Tuesday I will be at home again. In the morning, at 10:30, I’ll gather with the Preacher’s Help Group where together we will ponder the text for this coming Sunday. You can check out the text for this Sunday here and join in the gathering here. Come and join in the fun!

On Tuesday afternoon from 1PM – 3PM I will be ‘in the office’ via Zoom. Drop in just to say hello or bring a coffee and we can have a longer chat. If you try to get in and I put you in the waiting room – don’t give up – it just means that someone else needs my care at that moment. Hang out and I’ll be along shortly…

Wednesday morning will be devoted to some advance reading for the Lenten season and on Wednesday afternoon I have two meetings after which I will be delivering meals in time for our third Virtual Community Meal at 5PM. Bring your dinner, pull up a chair and join the in conversation as we gather at a table made possible by Zoom.

I will be in the office (for real) on Thursday morning for two meetings followed by a Tri-Regional Town Hall at 12:30PM. I am hoping that this meeting will provide some direction and best practices for conducting the required annual congregational meetings during a pandemic. The Chairpersons of the two congregational executives and the pastoral charge executive have all received an invitation to attend as well.

Thursday evening will end with Beer & Hymns (Pandemic Edition) – by that we mean to say, beer and conversation and 100% less hymns and singing really doesn’t work over Zoom! Bring your beverage of choice and pull up a chair to your computer screen and lift a glass with us as we share in conversation!

Friday and Saturdays will be days off – but if last week is any indication, I’ll likely still be writing a sermon for Sunday on Friday afternoon!On Sunday I hope you’ll join us for a Sunday Gathering Online via Facebook Live following by Conversation and Community via Zoom immediately following the benediction and postlude!

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