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Musings, On Saints and the Gift of Time

Isn't it true that the people we most remember are not those who gave us the best Christmas gifts or the most exciting birthday gift or even those who gave us our first job or taught us in grade three - its usually the people who gave us the gift of their time. And yes, that light might include some of those who gave us gifts, our first job or taught us in grade three - because they gave us the gift of their time.

Maybe it's because I am now well into the second 50 years of my life, or maybe it because I have so many encounters with those who are nearing the end of their time - but for whatever reason, time has become ever more precious to me of late - and that includes taking time to remember those who have shaped my life, those who have challenged me, those who have affirmed me, those who have been a light of love and grace on my journey.

It's a long list - and some there are whose names I cannot remember - but I can remember the touch of their hand, the sound of their singing - and while I may not remember all their names, just as I cannot remember every meal I have eaten I know that those saints who memories surround me are responsible for the life of faith I seek to live today.



Looking Ahead

As I mentioned on Sunday, I am on Study Leave for the next 14 days. I will be attending to a few previously scheduled meetings and I am available to respond to pastoral emergencies.

During this first week I will be taking part in the Courageous Economy Summit which runs from Monday to Friday.

This evening at 7PM you are welcome to take part in A Gathering of the Saints at 7PM. This will be streamed on Facebook Live as well.

Tomorrow and Wednesday, in addition to the Summit I will take part in the Worship and Sanctuary Committee meeting (Tuesday) and Executive Meeting (Wednesday).

Other activities during the two week period will include working on the new webpage and transitioning data and documents and planning for Advent and Christmas.

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