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Musings, On The Best Day of the Summer: August 23rd 2021

Saturday August 21st was the best day summer, the best day of 2021 for Jennifer and I, for on this day we were able to have all six of our children together in one place for about two hours before one had to rush off to work – and we were able to get a picture.

We shared some good food (smash burgers, chicken wings and salads for lunch and bacon wrapped pork tenderloin and perogies for supper). We laughed and shared memories and told stores. We walked on the beach and played with the dogs and as the sun set and the campfire crackled my heart was full.

There is something about being together that all of us have come to appreciate in a new way as a result of the covid-reality of the past 18 months. Hugging Zack and Justin and Emily as they arrived felt so very good after – especially Zack as it’d been so long since I’d been with him!

I think they are still both growing – or I am shrinking (height wise anyways). They are both taller than me, likely stronger and more agile than me, but still both are as soft spoken as ever with gentle smiles and dry humour – yes, they are my sons!

Having them and Justin’s partner Emily there with Max, Mia, Grace and Kate filled me with joy… many sunsets of summer gratitude all rolled into one afternoon!

With gratitude,


Looking Ahead

This morning I was called to the hospital after which I spent time getting ready for two funerals this afternoon. I trust you will join me in holding the families of Eanis Collins and Gordon Beal in care.

Tuesday morning I will be in the office. At 10:30am I will hold the first Preacher’s Help Group since returning from vacation followed by a lunch meeting after which I’ll be off until Wednesday even as I am taking Zack over to PEI to see his grandparents.

Thursday is filled with pastoral visits and getting ready for Sunday.

Friday I will join with Corey and Share for the wedding rehearsal for the wedding that will take place on Saturday evening.

On Sunday after our 10:00am Sunday Gathering I will be with the family of late Lorraine Atkinson for a graveside service in Port Elgin.

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