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Musings, On the End of Summer and an Ongoing Pandemic: September 27th 2021

On Friday and Saturday I had to be in the Murray Corner area for a wedding rehearsal and wedding, so I decided to spend what would would likely be a final night at the trailer, rather than drive back and forth from home.

As evening fell Rasta and I had a walk on the beach and I found myself recalling the many moments of laugher, connection and ease that we’d experience as a family along this shoreline over the past few years. We are truly fortunate.

On Saturday morning as I put away the four lawn chairs, packed up food that we’d not needed over the summer and tidied up the 100 square feet of space that is our trailer, in preparation for putting the slides in, I was reminded of how little we really need in order to be happy – and how much joy can occur in such a small space.

And this morning, I have returned to the reality of our current situation: a fourth wave, a wave that is crashing so very close to home, a wave that was, some would argue, totally avoidable.

Friends, perhaps some simplified lesson of the sea can be helpful as we deal with this wave – as we struggle to stay afloat: relax and breathe, if you are able, lean back and with your face above the water. Or, lay face down and lift your face to breathe. Be still. Trust your body to float. As you are able, tread water, but only if you feel strong enough. Reach out to others who may be experiencing similar circumstances. There is strength in numbers. Pray, and be kind to one another.



Looking Ahead

Today I am in Moncton for meetings and pastoral visits at both the George Dumont Hospital and Moncton City Hospital.

Tuesday morning after the Preacher’s Help Group I have a couple of meetings and pastoral visit schedule.

On Wednesday morning I will begin crafting the liturgy for World Wide Communion for this coming Sunday after which I have three pastoral visits scheduled.

I will be taking Thursday off and marking National Truth and Reconciliation Day with family.

Friday will be a regular day off and on Saturday I will be officiating at a funeral in Moncton for Mrs. Lillian Wickwire.

On Sunday at 11AM I look forward to gathering in community as we mark World Wide Communion and break the bread and share the cup of hope and justice.

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