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Musings, On the Many Faces of Mom & Love: May 3rd 2021

Next Sunday May 9th, is Mothers’ Day and I, like many of you will be apart from my mom. Looking ahead to next Sunday I’ve already begun to dread and anticipate the day.

I am very aware of the mix of emotions and reactions this day brings – and for some of us, the person we remember this day is not our biological mother but one who has been as a mother to us, one who has loved us into being – and love is complex.

To assist us in pausing and honouring the complexity of love and Mother’s Day you are invited to share with me the picture and first name of your mother, mom, grandmother, or your aunt, neighbour or friend who has been as a mother to you. Just an image and their first name.

My intention is to create a photo/video montage that will help us to be still, to pause in awe of the beauty and complexity of love.

Please send your image to with “LOVE: FIRST NAME” of the person depicted in the image in the SUBJECT LINE.

Yes, turn around time is tight. I’ll need your images by Thursday at noon.



PS: if you are looking for another way to honour mother-love in your life you can support the Mission and Service fund and have an e-card sent to someone you’d like to honour. Click here for more information.

Looking Ahead

I’ll be in the office this morning and then off doing pastoral visits for the rest of the day.

On Tuesday ‘may the fourth” be with the Preacher’s Help Group as they gather via Zoom at 10:30AM to help this preacher untangle his thoughts around the commandment to love as told in John 15:9-17. Meeting phone calls will occupy the rest of the day.

On Wednesday I’ll be doing pastoral visits at the Drew and the Sackville Hospital and in the evening I will host the Virtual Community Meal, meet with the SUC Executive for the their regular ‘Grounding Meeting’ and the after that I will sit in on the Moderator’s Town Hall.

Thursday will be a work from home day as I put final touches on the liturgy and sermon for Sunday.

Friday and Saturday will be days off and I look forward to gathering with you all on Sunday at 11AM in-person at Sackville United or via Facebook Live as we mark Mother’s Day and ponder the complexities of love.

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