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Musings, On The Wisdom of Seven Generations...

The Season has Begun! Advent! By far this is my favourite season of the Church Year – four weeks of waiting, preparation, and anticipation. You can read the letter to the community that invites participation in a wide variety of events and activities during the Advent, Christmas and Epiphany seasons by following this link.

This year, we are again using resources from A Sanctified Art that have been adapted for our context. The theme for this year is From Generation to Generation and after this past Sunday I am even more excited to embark on this Advent journey together!

On the last Sunday of the Church year, as we explored space, relationships and time with the assistance of the youth musical troupe, Terrasonga, really served to set the stage for the theme: From Generation to Generation. There was so much wisdom present in our gathering on Sunday – wisdom that crossed generational boundaries! Thank you Christine MacLeod and Terrasonga!

A generation, generally speaking, refers to all the people born and living at about the same time, roughly about 20-30 years. Using this logic, there are three generations of my family alive right now: my parents, my siblings and I and our partners and our children.

I mention this because I have long been fascinated by the wisdom offered by Indigenous cultures that when making decisions the impact should be considered forward into seven generations. The theme of seven generations was highlighted in the Paramount series 1883 on the last episode of season one when the Indigenous Elder directs the Dutton family to Paradise Valley but says that his people will reclaim it in seven generations… and if you are watching Yellowstone, then you know what is unfolding in Paradise Valley! Art imitates nature.

Unfortunately, I was not able to stay awake long enough last night to watch episode three – but thanks to modern technology, I’ll settle down this evening to see is unfolding in the valley!



Looking Ahead

I am working from home this morning. I spent the morning getting the last-minute updates to the website done so that the Advent material could be posted and this afternoon I will be doing some advance planning for the two funerals I have scheduled for Saturday.

On Tuesday morning I will host the weekly Lectionary Study group from 10:30AM to 11:30AM after which I have two meetings and two pastoral visits scheduled. Please, if you are feeling at all ill, call and cancel your appointment with me as I do not wish to be a conduit for spreading viruses.

On Wednesday morning at 10AM I will gather with the Worship and Sanctuary Committee and participants from Open Sky and Seniors Sharing the Table and together we’ll decorate the sanctuary for the season! Many hands make light work! Come share in the fun! There will be cookies and tea and coffee to share afterwards! I will likely spend Wednesday afternoon working on a reflection for the second funeral service on Saturday, In the midst of that work there is a gathering scheduled for 2:30PM that I will take part in..

Thursday, baring any pastoral emergencies I will devote the day to crafting the reflection for our first Sunday of the Advent season: “There’s Room for Every Story…”

Friday, provided I have everything ready for the two funerals on Saturday, will be day off. And, on Saturday, I will be honoured to gather with the family of John Houtsma for a graveside service at 11AM (a Memorial Service will take place in January), and at 1PM, with the family of Heather Smith, daughter of Ruth Anderson, a long-time member of Sackville United Church.

And on Sunday, I look forward to gathering in community to embark on the journey that is Advent - From Generation to Generation, being reminded that God is among us and calls us to nurture hope, cultivate peace, share joy - and love, with abundance! Hope to you'll be with ln-person or via Facebook Live! If you are participating from home, please know that we will be celebrating communion. Have some bread and juice nearby so you can share in the feast. Also, the SUC Future's Group will be hosting a Q&A following the gathering and this too will be shared via Facebook Live.

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