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Musings: On Time and Evolution

I have found myself these days coming back again and again to a deepening awareness of the degree to which our context, the reality in which we live, is in a constant state of change. This awareness hit home in a significant way over the Christmas holidays as the children and their partners and significant others came for visits and I went to visit my parents. Nothing is the same – the matter and context that makes up our daily living is ever evolving and changing which occurs over a measure of time. Time does not cause the change. Time is a unit of measure. And much has changed in our time.

I alluded to this change in my reflection on Sunday as I wrestled with the question of how we as Church are to authentically engage with young people of our communities.

Brian McLaren in the book, Do I Stay Christian, in chapter 14, argues “We are not defined exclusively by who we come from in the past. We can also be defined by what we can become in the future. This is an anticipatory Christianity, and it changes everything, as Sr. Ilia Delio concludes: If we take the future as our starting point for thinking about God, creation, and humanity – then everything we know must… be realigned to an evolving universe, including our theologies, philosophies, economic and political systems, cultural matrices – in short, our planetary life.”

An evolving universe… or drawing the viewfinder in closer, an evolving Church community. How have we evolved? What is shaping our present evolution? Are their choices that we might make that would support the evolution, change, and/or development we imagine?

Below is an image of the books that are currently on my reading table – and strangely enough, Amazon mistakenly sent me two copies of Countercultural: Subversive Resistance and the Neighbourhood Congregation. I processed a return for the second copy and while they issued a refund, they told me to keep the book!

So, a question: Is there anyone who would like to read this book with me and engage in a conversation about the wisdom it might offer to Sackville United Church? Just say the word and it is yours – for the price of a conversation when you are done reading!



Looking Ahead

Yesterday I was in the office for much of the day but by 2PM I had a splitting head ache so I headed home for a nap – and the nap did the trick – I woke up with no head ache.

Today (Tuesday morning) I am working from home: reading, responding to emails, and hosting the lectionary study group. This afternoon I will be in the office for meetings before heading to Dorchester at 5PM to support the LGBTQ2S+ group there.

Wednesday is filled with meetings: two with the Trustees, one with the Worship and Sanctuary Committee and ending with the monthly Business Meeting of the Executive.

Thursday, as has been my practice will be a work from home day, during which I will craft the liturgy and reflection for Sunday (with the fringe benefit of doing laundry during breaks from sitting at the computer)!

Friday and Saturday will be days off and on Sunday I look forward to gathering with you in community as we ponder the story of the calling of the first disciples and wonder together about what wisdom this ancient story might have to offer present life together.

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