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Musings, On Wearing Orange, Rainbows and Canada Day: June 28th 2021

There is considerable debate across the country these days on how the 154th anniversary of Confederation should be marked – Canada Day 2021, should it be a day of fireworks or solemn reflection?

As for me, I’ll forgoing the firework and will instead wear orange for the day, a colour that lies between the red of the Maple Leaf on the flag and the green of new growth on the rainbow spectrum.

Orange, the colour that has come to be for us a reminder of those who attended Indian Residential Schools, a hue that is for me, now forever aligned with the racist past I have inherited, the continued systemic racism I am a part of, and that Indigenous peoples are subject to, and my own accidental racism.

On Canada Day 2021 I will wear orange to remember and as symbol of my commitment to work toward positive change.

July 1st will also mark the end of Pride Month.

Back at the end of May, on the cusp of Pride Month, I told you of a group in Southeast New Brunswick that was working to raise funds to support the settlement of an LGBT Regufee named Abdullah from a middle eastern country (link). There is some good news in respect to this story!

Abdullah had a job interview by with an employer in NS that takes part in the Atlantic Immigration programme and was recently formally offered a job! The employer will now be sponsoring him and the group needs only to raise £3500 in cash, the amount required by the IRCC that he had for the cost of his travel and visa fees. In short, the fundraising target has been reduced significantly!

Can you join me in making a donation to support this resettlement? If 10 of us donate $100 that’s a $1,000 toward the goal. You can either donate to the crowdfund directly or, e-transfer a one-time special donation to Sackville United Church and Jennie will see that all funds raised are transferred to the project coordinator. Please put SE NB LGBTQ REFUGEE in the notes. I’ll be making my donation via Sackville United Church.



Looking Ahead

I am working from home this morning and then this evening I have a meeting with a couple to begin planning for their wedding.

Tuesday will be a half-day for me with visits and meetings in the morning. The afternoon will be spent with family as we celebrate Grace’s graduation from High School! Congratulations Grace and all the other graduates of 2021.

Wednesday will begin in the office with meetings. The afternoon will see me out and about doing a few visits followed by our last Virtual Community Dinner at 5PM.

Thursday is July 1st and the office will be closed.

Friday and Saturday are days off and on Sunday I will gather with the community at 10AM for my last Sunday Gathering before vacation. Can you tell by the economy of words just how ready for vacation I am?!?!

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