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Musings, On Yet Another Day of National Sadness: Dec 6, 2021

Today is one of those challenging days for us a country. Many of us remember the horror of the news coming out of Montreal that Wednesday afternoon, thirty plus years ago –

The middle of what was to be an Advent week of peace, mid-way between hope and joy, was shattered by the news of a violent rampage on the campus of École Polytechnique.

In my years serving at Chaplain at Springhill Institution I had opportunity to spend time with many men who had committed acts of violence against women, including murder. Each one of these men was at one time someone’s son – a child in need of care and nurturing – a child whose values and behaviours are shaped by the society he is raised in.

In the vast majority of cases men are not born violent – violence is a learned behaviour and it is our responsibility as a community to create a culture of non-violence. Alleviating poverty, most researchers agree, is one of the first steps to creating a culture of non-violence. When individuals have their basic needs for food and shelter met they are more likely to be at peace. The second step is education – and thankfully schools across the country have implemented a variety of innovative programs and practices that seek to eradicate violent behaviour – but there is still much to do.

I hope you will take time today to mark the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women and make some commitment, however small it may seem, toward creating a culture of non-violence.



Looking Ahead

Today I am working from home until about 4PM when I will make my way to the office to do some preparation for events on Tuesday and some final preparation for the vigil tonight, at 7PM.

On Tuesday I will again be in the office. At 10:30AM I will host the Preacher’s Help Group via Zoom. We’ll spend some time pondering the texts for Sunday (Luke 3:1-18 and Zephaniah 3:14-20) after which I will join the UCW members for the Christmas luncheon at Patterson’s Restaurant. Unfortunately, I have a dental appointment scheduled for 2:15PM. This means that this week’s edition of Advent Promises in Word & Song will be pre-recorded and posted at 2PM. Jennie and I will be back live next week. I do hope to join in the other Study Group at 3PM but that will depend on the dentist…

Wednesday morning is filled with three meetings, and I’ve set aside Wednesday afternoon for pastoral visits. If you’d like a visit and I’ve not been in touch with you, please call and we can set something up!

On Thursday morning I’ll settle down at the desk and hopefully a reflection for Sunday will flow forth… based on the assigned text for the day, Luke 3:1-18 and Zephaniah 3:14-20, remembering that in error, I’d given the same gospel text to Margaret Tusz-King to read last Sunday! Sorry again Margaret! Oh well, one cannot hear John the Baptist call the crowds coming for baptism ‘a brood of vipers’ enough!

Friday and Saturday will be days off during which I will dig out my protective gear in preparation for Sock It to ‘Em on Sunday at 11AM where you will have opportunity to throw all manner of hats, socks and mitts at me for a good cause! I will also, at some point on Saturday morning upload chapters 5&6 of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever read by Payton Harper and Harris McSheffery, and the story, Christmas Miracle of Jonathon Toomey, read by Glenda Thornton, so remember - enjoy chapters 3&4 and the book Amazing Peace early this week!

And yes, on Sunday we will gather in community at 11AM, after the announcements and the fun of Sock It to ‘Em, we’ll continue our Advent journey as the Candle of Joy is lit by representatives from Live Bait! Hope to see you there in-person of on Facebook Live.

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