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Musings (or Wonderings), November 13th 2019

With the irregularity of my Musings (usually sent on Monday mornings) I am beginning to think that I should consider changing the title to Wonderings (wondering if one will come this week)?!?!

I apologize for my tardiness but do confess that some weeks the stuff between the ears is

over-extended. And, while there is not usually a shortage of topics to reflect on: federal election results, impeachment proceedings south of the border, Coaches Corner… and the list goes on… I am aware that your inbox and Facebook feed is likely already filled with countless opinions – and well, you know what they say about opinions! All this to say, I guess I’m trying to be a bit more judicious in the reflections I offer through this medium.

I arrived home on Monday evening having spent two days with my son Zack and his girlfriend Gabby. Grace, Kate, Ai and Max and I drove to Montreal on Friday. After visiting Costco for gas and groceries (what was I thinking – on a Friday evening) we checked into a character filled third floor walk-up AirBnb (you can read between the lines) we set out to exploring the city with Zack and Gabby.

On Saturday we visited the Norte Dame Cathedral and the Montreal Museum of Archeology and History with a stop at a classic Quebec café in between. We ended the day at Dunn’s where we enjoyed poutine and smoked meat in various creations!

Sunday found us at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art where we experienced a most amazing exhibition of mummies from the British Museum along with some fine collections of modern and Canadian art and design.

Zack and Gabby hosted us for dinner on Sunday evening and we got to spend some time with them in their home with their two cats: Reginald and Aubergine. I was one happy and grateful dad.

As we left on Monday morning we passed by Veterans Square in Montreal and regrettably this was as close as I came to a cenotaph this Remembrance Day – but, contrary to Don Cherry’s rant, I did notice a significant number of poppies adorning the very diverse crowd of folk we shared space with on the Metro as we travelled around Montreal – and for this I was grateful. I was grateful as well that we arrived home well before the 15 centimeters of snow that blanketed Montreal on Tuesday morning!

In closing, as many of us have said, ‘it was good to get away – but it was good to get home’. Now, back to Advent planning and preparations and all the other things that fill my life with purpose and meaning!

Faithfully, Lloyd

Looking Ahead (in a condensed form as is the week)

Yesterday I worked from home and attended to a medical appointment. Today (Wednesday) I am in Moncton for our monthly United Church Clergy Cluster followed by another meeting with a colleague before returning to Sackville in time for the Soul Supper at 5:30PM (Loaded Potato Soup and a discussion on Gratitude and Abundance with Diana Butler Bass) followed by a meeting with the Refugee Welcome Team. Thursday will see me scrambling to pull together a liturgy and reflection for Sunday followed by my Spiritual Journey Group. On Friday I have a couple pastoral visits scheduled and will likely be in the office finalizing things for Sunday. On Saturday as part of my day off I hope to take in the Jolicure United Church Fall Supper which is being hosted at the Mt. Whatley Hall from 4:30 to 6:00PM. Maybe I’ll see you there? Or, maybe I’ll see you on Sunday: 9:30AM at Upper Sackville United Church and 11:00AM at Sackville United Church.

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