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Musings, Reading, Rest & Renewal… July 13th 2020

I’m back. So far this morning I had two visits (Rasta slept through both of them – except when the bread and jam was on the table) and now I’m in the office responding to emails and telephone messages. Rasta is catching up on his sleep (again).

The past week has been restful. I read, walked the beach, enjoyed time with family and slept. I slept on the deck, on the reclining sofa in the trailer and on the beach. I didn’t realize just how tired I was. And so, while I am looking forward to this week of being back at work, I am even more eager for next week and more of what served to refresh and renew me this past week: reading, walking the beach and time with family.

It was said to me a week or so ago that wisdom have us divide our time three ways: 1/3 work, 1/3 family and 1/3 self – that this is balance. Maybe it is that simple – it doesn’t feel that it is when one is faces with many complicated demands at work, but as I said to someone I love who is facing their own challenges, ‘The only one who can truly take care of you – is you. You need to make choices for your well-being.” Like all sermons, I was preaching to myself. Maybe it’s time to listen to the preacher.



Looking Ahead

This morning I completed two pastoral visits before the heat of the day and will spend the rest of the morning in the office before sharing lunch with Jennie and Bruce.

On Tuesday I will be in the office in the morning making phone calls and taking part in a webinar before heading out to do some pastoral visits in the afternoon. One space is free for the afternoon. If you’d like me to drop by, please send me and email. I’d welcome the opportunity.

Wednesday will see me visiting those in hospital in Sackville and Moncton in addition to a couple of pastoral visits in the afternoon. Again, there is one time slot free for the afternoon. If you’d like me to drop by, please send me and email or call (506) 940-1151

On Thursday I have two Zoom visits scheduled and will likely spend the better part of the day catching up on National and Regional guidance in respect to COVID-19.

Friday and Saturday will lead into my next week of Study Leave after joining with you for our third Summer Sunday Gathering: One Verse with Space to Listen.  Watch the the email with a link to the Watch Party on Sunday morning.  

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