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Musings: Seasonal Transitions

On Sunday morning when I woke at the shore and had to go and plug in the electric heater it was clear that the season was turning. Within a few moments warmth was filling the trailer and I headed off toward home to get ready for Church – another clear sign that the season was turning.

Hopefully over the next few weeks the weather will allow us all to continue to enjoy walks along the shore, strolls in the woods and gatherings with friends and family on our decks and in our back years. But clearly the season is turning: moving trucks dot the sides of the road in Sackville. New and returning students are in the local businesses and the school buses are parked at the ready!

This coming Sunday will be our last combined gathering at 10AM – a Sunday prior to a long-weekend making Monday, originally a day to mark workers’ rights and working-class solidarity – but now – less and less so and more likely understood as just another long-weekend.

However you plan to spend the coming weekend, I expect that in one way or another you’ll notice some transitions in play: children returning to school, the end of vacation, harvesting vegetables from the garden and/or a return to fall schedules. In all cases enjoy the weekend and all it brings!

Faithfully, Lloyd

Looking Ahead

Today was spent doing a couple of visits between appointments at the office and some writing time at home. Tuesday will be more of the same: planning and writing and visits and meetings.

Wednesday morning will see me in Moncton for a meeting followed by a meeting the Sackville United Church Executive for their Grounding Meeting.

Thursday will be spent crafting a reflection for Sunday – maybe at the shore?

Friday and Saturdays will be days off for me! Perhaps you’d like to take part in the Moncton River of Pride Parade? If so, you can meet up with other United Church folk at 12:30 on Saturday at Foundry Street and walk with them. If you’d like to take the Sackville United Church banner please speak to either myself or Jennie and we’ll see that you get it.

On Sunday we will gather at 10AM for our final Summer Sunday Gathering: Kitchen Party Style. Hope to see you there!

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