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Musings, September 24th 2019: A Bookend Pause

On Saturday afternoon Jen and I went down to the trailer to close it up for the winter. I’d been down before the hurricane and put away the lawn furniture and brought home any items still left in the fridge and cupboards. On Saturday we packed up the linens, closed the slides and drained the waterlines as we cherished the memories of time spent with family and friends. I joked later that it was if we had just put the bookends on summer – not realizing that it was in fact the last day of summer.

Rasta at Upper Sackville

Such bookends are important. To pause and acknowledge what is pending or what has passed is, I believe, a healthy spiritual act.

Rollo May whose book The Courage to Create I read in a Philosophy of Love class during my undergraduate studies at UPEI writes:

Human freedom involves our capacity to pause between the stimulus and response and, in that pause, to choose the one response toward which we wish to throw our weight. The capacity to create ourselves, based upon this freedom, is inseparable from consciousness or self-awareness.

This Sunday we will hear a story from Luke’s gospel commonly called The Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31). I wonder if this story of the Rich Man finally seeing the gap between he and the poor man Lazarus, captures the only reflective pause in his life?

In about four weeks we will go to the polls to elect the Members of Parliament that will represent us for the next four years. Might you take a reflective pause in this season of change and consider what has been as you cast your vote for the future that we share.

Faithfully, Lloyd

Looking Ahead

Yesterday was occupied with pastoral visits. Thank you to those who welcomed me into their home unannounced. It is a great privilege to share your stories and experience your hospitality.

Today I’ll be in the office this morning. From 10AM to 11AM the Weekly Lectionary Study Group will meet. I’ll take some down time in the afternoon and be back for meetings at 4:30 and 7PM.

On Wednesday I have meetings in Moncton in the morning and visits booked in the afternoon. At 3:30PM I’ll gather with those who visit the Queer Room and at 6:30PM sit with the SUC Executive as they meet.

Thursday will be devoted to finalizing plans for Sunday: Music with the Carter Girls at Upper Sackville United Church at 9AM and the Conversation Café on Dying Death and Funeral Practices at Sackville United at 11AM.

Friday and Saturdays will be days off and on Sunday I look forward to joining with you! Again, The Carter Girls will be at Upper Sackville United Church at 9AM followed by a social time in the hall (bring treats to share). At 11AM at Sackville United Church will gather for a Conversation Café on the topic of Dying, Death and Funeral Practices with special guests Jules Jones and Kurt Cobb.

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