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Musings, The Facts of Life: April 27th 2020

The Facts of Life

That you were born and you will die.

That you will sometimes love enough and sometimes not.

That you will lie if only to yourself.

That you will get tired.

That you will learn most from the situations you did not choose.

That there will be some things that move you more than you can say.

That you will live that you must be loved.

That you will avoid questions most urgently in need of your attention.

That you began as the fusion of a sperm and an egg of two people who once were strangers and may well still be.

That life isn’t fair.

That life is sometimes good and sometimes better than good.

That life is often not so good.

That life is real and if you can survive it, well, survive it well with love and art and meaning given where meaning’s scarce.

That you will learn to live with regret. That you will learn to live with respect.

That the structures that constrict you may not be permanently constraining.

That you will probably be okay.

That you must accept change before you die but you will die anyway.

So you might as well live and you might as well love. You might as well love. You might as well love.

Somehow these past weeks have taught me these lessons and more.  And so it is, I’ll seek to live and love as fully as possible.


Looking Ahead

Today I’m at the office (actually the sanctuary as that is where my computer is set up for Sundays) getting a jump on some preparations for Sunday and responding to the many emails and messages that accumulated over the weekend.

Tomorrow I’ll be driving to Halifax where we will say farewell to two of our houseguests.    One is moving in with her sister in Halifax and the other is returning to Korea – hopefully to return in September to continue her studies at ARHS.  I hope also to drop by Justin’s place to say hello from he driveway and drop off a little Easter treat.

Wednesday morning will see me back in the office engage in Zoom meetings until about

noon when I’ll engage in a dog smuggling run across the border (lol).  Together with Paula Sears I’m transporting a Sheepadoodle puppy named Poppy from the breeder in New Brunswick to her new family in Nova Scotia.  I’ve been advised to come home early so that girls can have some play time with Poppy before her new owners arrive.

I’ll work from home on Thursday and put any final touches on Sunday morning plans and hopefully, if the forecast holds true, get a first ride in on the bicycle.

Friday and Saturday will be days off and on Sunday I look forward to gathering with you via Facebook Live.  If you have any feedback we’d love to hear it.  We are trying to improve with each offering.

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