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Musings, Tides and Time: October 29th 2019

Before the week is out we will have turned the corner into another month. As someone once said, “Tide and time wait for no one.”

Each year about this time, on those first few mornings of frost on the windows I find myself remembering early mornings with my dad as we put the boat into the water on Pownal Bay to fish for oysters and/or hunt geese. There are two mornings that are most memorable. The first is the morning I woke in the back of the pickup to see the first light of the day over the edge of the tailgate with the dog snuggled between Dad and I in the straw we had put down in the bed of the truck. Glorious. Gloriously cold – but glorious! The second is the morning we’d planned to hunt after fishing oysters and mid-way through the lowest tide of the year the oyster tongs broke. Not wanting the day to be a bust we hauled the boat through the mud and silt back to the dock, got another pair of tongs, hauled the boat back through the silt and mud and fished until first light… then missed the only goose we saw all day!

“Tide and time wait for no one.” The traditional understanding of this phrase serves to remind us that we cannot stop the passage of time. And indeed, there is truth to this maxim – but I wonder if such a focus does not lead us to miss the important moments as we strive to get done all that we think that needs to be done?

It was my son Zack who introduced me to the phrase YOLO – You Only Live Once. He has said this to me on number occasions as he or I pursued one opportunity or another. Yesterday I came across a meme on Facebook that challenged this idea with the words:

You only live once? False. You live everyday. You only die once.

Live fully each day in this season of autumn. Embrace the riot of colours. Kick your way through a pile of leaves and listen for the music. Take time to cherish the memories of autumns past – that you might be held in the warmth of love as winter settles upon us.

Faithfully, Lloyd

Looking Ahead

Monday saw me attending meeting after meeting after meeting and by 7PM Rasta was done and so was I.

Today I am in the office for our Weekly Lectionary Study Group followed by visits at the Drew and the local hospital.

On Wednesday morning I’ll be in Moncton for a meeting with the Regional Minister followed by the Soul Supper and Conversation with Diana Butler Bass. This week we’ll be sharing Corn Chowder and a conversation on Table Ethics. At 6:30PM I’ll gather with the Refugee Welcome Team before calling it a day.

On Thursday after doing some personal errands I’ll spend the afternoon and evening finalizing the liturgy and reflection for the Intergenerational Service on Sunday morning.

Friday and Saturday will be days off before we start all over again on Sunday morning: 9AM at Upper Sackville United Church and 11AM at Sackville United Church. Don’t forget toyou’re your clock back! You wouldn’t want to be early for Church now would you…!! Also this Sunday, I’ll be leading the 3PM service at the Drew Nursing Home. If you are able come and join the residents there for a time of singing and reflection.

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