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Orange Shirt Sunday: September 25th

On September 30, people all across Canada will wear orange shirts to remember and honour Indigenous children who were taken from their communities and families to residential institutions. We will mark Orange Shirt Sunday on September 25th with an All Ages Gathering and we hope you will join us!

Why an orange shirt? Phyllis Jack Webstad from the Stswecem’c Xgat’tem First Nation went to St. Joseph Mission Residential School. On her first day of school, Phyllis wore an orange shirt that her grandmother had given her. It was immediately taken away, and that marked the beginning of Phyllis’s long separation from her family and community, a separation caused by actions of the church and federal government.

Orange Shirt Day is a time for us all to remember those events and their ongoing impact. Indigenous Ministries and Justice has prepared a week of activities for all in the church to take part in.

You are encouraged to wear orange to Church of Sunday September 25th as a symbol of your remembering and engagement in the work toward reconciliation. In lieu of buying or wearing an orange shirt, you may wish to wear an orange ribbon or swatch of orange fabric. You may also wish to join others in making a special donation to the Healing Fund of the United Church of Canada.

We will have orange ribbons available on September 18th and 25th so that those who may not wish to wear an orange shirt may take part in the important work of remembering and reconciliation. All donations received as part of this orange ribbon campaign will go to the Healing Fund of the United Church of Canada.

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