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Our Property Guys


Our Property Guys, Jonathan and Colin

The Executive of the Congregation is inviting a Circle of Service around Property Maintenance. This is to share the responsibility at present held by Austin Ibbitson who provides cleaning and some repair work for us and Jonathan Harper who has been very gracious in giving time to a variety of property maintenance needs.

The Executive feels it is important that the work of maintenance and repair not be borne by only two people. Colin Estabrooks has agreed to serve and we are looking for other volunteers to be present to issues around maintenance of the property.

  1. Do you fix things around home?

  2. Are you aware of who might need to be called to fix a problem beyond our scope of expertise?

  3. Is this a gift you might be able to offer to the ministry of this congregation?

If so, please add your name to the Circle of Service form on the Discernment Board or speak to Rev. Catherine, Marilyn Burrell, Craig Brett, Eric Tusz-King or Benda Allen, all members of the Executive of the Congregation.

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