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Pancake Supper Success

Who needs the Olympics when you have party games?


The Victorious Champions celebrate with their “trophy”

After a spectacular turnout for our pancake supper, with many new visitors to the church joining us, about 25 of us stayed behind to play some party games together, including:

  1. pin the dove on the United Church Crest

  2. “Eating the 5000” – a relay race to eat “loaves and fishes” (in the form of goldfish crackers) without using hands

  3. “Hymn Puzzle” – teams had to assemble a puzzle into the words of a familiar hymn from our Sunday School

  4. “Taboo” – one member of each team had to get the others to guess familiar church terms (bible, Mary, Jesus, pentecost, etc.) without using the word itself

  5. “The Colours of the Church Year” – without seeing which colour they had, teams had to assemble themselves into the correct order of the colours of the church seasons

We had 4 teams:  The A Team, The Divine Divas, Esprit, and The Pancake Squad and although all teams excelled at certain events – Alta ate her crackers like a champ for the Divine Divas, and Dorothea and Ari were fabulous at “Taboo” – in the end The A Team was victorious and will get to keep the SUC Pancake Supper Trophy until they can defend their title next year!

Thanks to everyone who joined us, and to all the volunteers who make things like this possible!

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