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Pi Day is a Month Away!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re celebrating love in all its sizes, shapes, colours, and relationships!

Public+Intentional+Explicit= PIE π (3.14). These are the standards for a real and radical welcome for LGBTQ2+ people!

On March 14th Sackville United Church will partner with the Sackville Refugee Response Coalition to host an event marking International Pi Day!

See the attached poster!

Over the next few Sundays look for the sign up sheet where you can donate a pie or participate in setting up, serving pie or cleaning up!

Love is pi: irrational & never ending

Who doesn’t like pie? Invite your friends and neighbours! Draw the circle wide! During the course of the evening we’ll enjoy some pie, learn about the sponsorship of an LGBTQ2+ refugee, auction off some speciality pies and talk about love and welcome!

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