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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

In Week three, I would like to shine a bright light on our ever talented organist and choir director. Jennie Del Motte. Jennie has been with us since the early 1900’s... and over those many years she has shared her wonderful musical talents in so very many ways! Whether by playing or singing, encouraging others to play or sing or directing the choir members - in the Church or at Ducky's! In every way she has done so very much to increase participation level as we gather in community.

Jennie has often arranged for musicians and soloist as a means to deepen and broaden our experience when we gather. And, she is always ready to respond to that request, “Can you play this?" Her music often support the words spoken and takes us to deeper places of reflection.

As everyone knows, COVID significantly impacted the work of all musicians! Thankfully Jennie is technologically savvy enough to be dangerous! Jennie has found creative ways, through the use of Zoom, iMovie, and Facebook Live to keep the Choir (and congregation) engaged.

We cannot wait to see the result of the Christmas Music Project that she is involved in with others! And yes, we look forward to the day when the choir is again, back by the piano helping the rest of us carry the tune that we fumble and sometimes lose along the way!

Thank you Jennie!

Frank Oulton

Stewardship Convenor”

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