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Week four of thanksgiving, we wish to shine a bright light on our present Church Executive: Chair, Janet Hammock, Communicator, Lois Hicks, Treasurer, Chrystal Schipper-Everill, Elders Diane Fullerton and Elsie MacDonald, and Rev Lloyd Bruce! Until September Elder Julien Desrochers played an important role on the Executive.

It was never more apparent to see how strong this leadership has been when Covid government restrictions were loosened at the end of July when our Executive made the wise decision to continue with masking, social distancing and attendance recording.

Below is an image of the Executive working via a Zoom meeting on the evening of January 6th 2021. Thanks to those of you who submitted pictures. This seemed like a better option as it shows you all hard at work!!

I would be remiss if I did not also thank former chairs Ron Kelly Spurles, Ed Burridge, Marilyn Burrill, Bruce Moore and Julien Desrochers for their tremendous leadership as they guided Sackville United Church through many changes.

Thanks also goes to Brenda Allen for her numerous years as Executive Communicator; John Houtsma for his dedicated years of service as Chair of the Committee of Stewards; Craig Brett, Andrea Beverley, Gary MacDonald and Anne Pirie for their creative work with our Sunday School; Judith Colwell with her enthusiastic calls for giving to Mission & Service as well as coordinating coffee and conversation; Eric Tusz-King for his work as Treasurer during the challenging period during the transition to our new space; Catherine Gaw, Jonathan Harper and the late Colin Estabrooks for their work on the Property and Maintenance Committee; and last, but certainly not least, the tireless and inspired service Diane and David Fullerton gave to outreach work on behalf of Sackville United.

Thanks also go to so many talented clergy who have presided over our recent journey, including Rev. Jane Doull, Rev. Catherine Smith, Rev Catherine Gaw, Rev. Jennifer Brown, and now Rev Lloyd Bruce!

Thanks goes to so many, and I am sure I have left someone out to be thanked. We are so BLESSED!

Frank Oulton

Stewardship Convenor

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